Saturday, April 01, 2006


This is the sculpt for the Rana character. The original drawing of this mythic half-goat woman is seen behind her, circa 1994. Her goat skins and hand-dyed and hand-woven skirting fabric is seen on her right.

This is an aerial view of the set. The tree will be finished with textured bark and lush greenery. It will my version of a Red Oak. You may just make out a hollow in the side of the tree that will be Rana's cooking fire with its three smoke stacks trimmed in stone. She'll sit on the roots to stir her soup. You'll see her overstuffed chair with her sleeping cat, Bosq, napping there. In the far left you may see the deer kill that hangs on the branches, a prop for another character, Yanu, a youthful, moth-man.

This is a shot across the cottage looking toward the kitchen. You can see where I'll have to move the window away from the bedroom alcove wall.

This is a detail of some of the food props.

This is a close up of the hand-sewn top quilt on Rana's bed and the soft pillow that will become a caterpillar.

Next raft of work is to move several window positions and to create a bay window alcove for the sitting chair area.

More photos tomorrow. Cheers!


  1. Great work, Shel. Good to see this up and running. It should be a wonderful insiration to all those starting out in animation.

  2. SoI went to beginning and now I'm not quite so lost, seems quite interesting.

    I gave up TV years ago, don't own one, talked my husband into moving his to the garage. What a waste of good time.

  3. Very interesting characters and props!

  4. Thank you so much Mary, I'm glad to hear they appeal to you in some way!


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