Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ladies Who Lunch

Look out, Stop Mo Gents. Shel Wagner Rasch and I made time for lunch today at a great little French café downtown. Truth be told, we shut the place down. We were yakking away so long, we didn't even notice all the chairs stacked and the staff waiting politely for us to buy a clue. (photo by great cappo-making waiter)

It was a fantastic afternoon for me as Shel is a remarkably supportive and wise person to have on your side and always pleasure to share a meal with. She asked me my next production steps; finish sky, finish land, finish cottage, dive into puppets, etc. And diagrammed my new sky plan on the paper tablecloth as I tried to describe it.
During our conversation, I got to hear some of she and Justin's project plans coming up. And based on what I heard, I believe the just desserts they receive for their future work will be just as sweet as she is.


  1. Sounds really cool! I hope to meet up with some people when I am old enough to travel alone, its great you got to network with people in the flesh.

    Oh, and the fish is coming along! I just need to make the little castle on top of its head anmd its half-moon glasses.

  2. When you travel, be sure to look me up!

    The fish sounds incredible, Seamus. I can't wait to see it! Ack!

  3. Sure will!

    I think I'll have him ready next week maybe

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  5. Put down the spoon and step away from the Crème Caramel and no one will get hurt. Mmmm, Crème Caramel!

  6. "Step away from the Créme Caramel" HEE! It was gooooood!

    Shel says we can do lunch again next month too, yay. I don't understand how that's possible with her having a husband and three kids, a bodywork practice, and an animation production company to manage?! But I'll take every opportunity to talk with Shel about Stop Motion, the funnest subject ever.

  7. Definitely, Susan, and welcome!


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