Thursday, October 09, 2008

More Actual Notes from Halfland

Too exciting, I had to share a couple of new inspirations for details of the film.A cosmetic company posted this gorgeous image as part of their inspiration for a new color line and it grabbed me hard as the most perfect solution for blending the crow with the woman in the Tarn character I could ever imagine. I even bought the beaded veil 14 yrs ago in New York FOR THIS REASON without knowing how I would use it! Hoooray!!!
This beautiful hill and sky landscape is a frame grab from a stunningly gorgeous 2.5D animation motion graphic by Bas van Breugel called, Nostalgie.

Nostalgie from Bas van Breugel on Vimeo. I love the way he's poetically literally added a layer of patina or grunge that adds so much emotion to the image. I want to employ this type of technique to blend some of Halfland's 2D elements into nearly the 3D. This hits the mark precisely.


  1. Well Shelley...I hate to say it, but there is more gold and red here every day. Guess we'll have to wait for spring!

  2. That's a sweet film. I liked that effect a lot, although it's amazing how a sound track sis another emotional layer in film. I don't think the visuals would have worked as well without that piece of music.

    PS. Tarn is all hawt n stuff!

  3. after effects is crazy powerfull!

    I use it all the time now but Im just scrapeing the surface!

    and that image is strikeing.


  4. Oh Elva! I blew it! I was planning to ship you a camera next week finally. I think I will anyway. and what the season will be will be, unless it's gets too cold for my talent to endure.

    You're right, Rich, that piece of music adds a whole lot of feeling to the short. It seems to me a perfect pairing of images, music, and feeling. Sensitive Pathos.

    I've watched it 6 times so far, I think the middle field group of characters behind the bride and groom at the church are modern actors in the movie the short was made for. The groom is apparently looking at the album as an old man. I think the groom face image is a younger photo of the older actor in the movie. It's all perfectly directed and well done.

    I love this technique when I've seen it used. The fantastic opening to HBO's Carnivale comes to mind.

    Thanks, Justin. I look forward to getting into AE myself.

  5. Love seeing the inspiration! Not sure I comprende the Tarnspiration though? Blending how.... something to do with the long black hat overshadowing the face? That looks very ravenicious.

  6. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I could see the mix of photographic house and painted sky in the still image... but then I watched the film, and saw that transparent misty layer, midway between foreground and background, and it seemed to do just what the layer of plastic or gauze should do for Halfland's skies.

  7. HI Mikee, I'd been toying withe various shading/marking concepts for the characters of Tarn and Yanu. And seeing this particular image gave me the best (most pleasing to me) way of blending the crow's blackness with the flesh color of Tarn's woman part. I know in the sketch I made the human form skin blue rather than a peach pale flesh tone but I may make her face pale with this type of dark shading over the eye area as a way to suggest the two colors/naturals coming together.

    I literally bought a length of jet black beaded veil trimming at a millinery in New York for the Tarn character costume. But bringing the dark shading into the idea makes it so much better to me.

    Please imagine a crow's size beak mask over the human nose as well.

    HI Nick! Yes! The (plastic or otherwise) layers of cloud and sky will approximate the dimension/atmosphere I'm going for. And I hope using the camera motion effect in Adobe After Effects will take up any slackage in my faulty construction.

    I intend, after seeing the short posted, to also add a grunge layer in the final art composition. That , along with all the blur techniques, with give me the schmutz I so yearn for in this!

    I'm going for it. I know what I want it to look like and I'll do my best with what I have at my disposal to get it.

  8. Interesting and lovely inspirations Shelley. I am amazed as ever to see your progress with the film.
    I agree that a grainy thing really ties the imagery together nicely. And talking of soundtracks... what are you doing for music I wonder?
    Take care up the ladders! X R

  9. Hi Rima! Thank you! Music-wise, I wanted something folktale, "storybook" with violins and cello. I tracked down a piece I loved on a stock music site but it became overused for a telephone company ad, kind of co-opted by it, so I'm thinking differently now.

    My latest thoughts about the music are to go with chord changes only. Not sure what that is. I am not musically aware at all. I feel music in my body (dancer) rather than hear it with my ears. Not sure what to do with these visuals and music. Sounds, yes, loads of sounds and soundscapes, symbolic sounds, like glass breaking and babies crying, etc.

    Careful when up the ladders, yes, I feel very arboreal when up there with a few tools. A bit scary. Paul couldn't stand to watch it.

  10. Ok, I gotch1! Thanks for 'splainin!

  11. (^ well tisk tisk tisk! any you folk ever hear of Jim blashfield?
    (^ I've spoken to him a few times: been to his studio once:
    (^ anywho, point being the multiple layered ratio on distance gets funky.
    I mean horizon to close up camera: multiplanar movements.

    let's see. I guess Talking heads "ANS SHE WAS" music video

    (^ comes as close as..
    NO ! WAIT !
    his ORIGINAL stuff!

    SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES / PART 1 of 2 / Complete Version

    (^ creapy but has a bit more of the distance effect worked in it I think... lemme check:

    (^ heh. and there it is.

  12. Thanks, Prosser. I'm assuming Mr. Blashfield animated the music video "And She Was" as well? Same hand/style and era anyway.

    I'd not heard of him before, thank you.

    The last link was him last year talking about his inspiration in Portland, right? Not more distant sky stuff. I think I get the idea.

    No rules, my way, everything else, takes highway.


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