Friday, April 10, 2009

Catch of the Day

When I opened the box from Nick on Wednesday I couldn't stop making sounds of delight. I couldn't believe how lifelike the puppet looked in person. It's a marvel that only a person of Nick's many years of experience could achieve. It's highly animate-able to say the least. Just the right amount of function and detail to perfectly fool the camera's eye.

Of course the concept of it is hilarious as well, Piano Tuna. I think it should be tempted by a musical note/worm and get hooked for an exit to some tinkling ivory effects.

Everyone has been sending in such phenomenal puppets for the underwater Halfland "Democra-Sea" scene that I really feel I should hot glue together all the puppet mailing boxes that they've arrived in and tie down a bunch and wriggle them for a quick clip test.


  1. Awesome. I'm gonna make ya one too. Maybe a any of those?

  2. Dang!!!

    thats an awesome puppet right there.

    halfland happiness sets in.


  3. OK! I'd love a puffer, Mike! No one else has sent one of those in yet! Maybe you could make it out of a latex balloon or bladder that I can inflate during its close up?!

    Thanks Justin, man.

  4. cool, I was thinking of just making a puffed up one and have him kinda floating around like in the ending credits of finding nemo (i think.) Anyway, since i'm stressed/anxious around people I figure this is a perfect fish for me to make for your Halfland Sea Scene - try saying that ten times fast :)


    @ 3:35 is the part I was thinking of.

  6. Fabulous, Mike! Hilarious! Perfect! I'd love a puffer like that if it's not too much trouble!

  7. Hi Shelley!
    Oh I am so behind on your blog,,fixin that now! What a wonderful addition to Halfland,,I would have played with it alot too.
    Happy Easter

  8. YES! It's very squishy fishy fun, Marcie!

  9. Wonderful!!! What an amazing fish puppet you received all the way through from Australia.

  10. What a Brilliant Fish!
    And what a grand idea to have your friends and fans contribute to the set!

  11. Hi Yaz and DJ! You are both right. It's a huge thrill to get packages from all over the world from the finest puppet maker animators fr this one scene in the film.

    I figured an underwater scene would be the best for this sort of daring idea. I figured if there were a mish mosh of all kinds of things swimming around under there it wouldn't be too much of a stretch of the imagination. A sea scene would make sense out of a wacky combination of creative critters.

  12. Wow and Wow

    Silly jokes about tuning a fish aside.

    That is one great puppet, looks real as anything.

    Nick you are the master! When i saw the mouth open I was blown away. What a treat!


  13. Next opportunity, Mark, I'll be sure to bring this fish for you to see in person. It's outrageously animation inspiring. Maybe you'd like to animate it!

  14. I would love to see this in person. But I dare not animate it until you have done your bit - it wouldn't be right somehow.

  15. (^ blowfish must be tender.
    (^ I wannah see tadpoles in mid frogleg toes eggs.

    (^ little tiny bble baubles that are flotsom and jetsom little tiny cast off stuff like amber encrusted misquitos but become full blown schools of fish as they wander away from the root cellar of the answer tree.
    like bubbles that POP! and become little guppies.

    (^ ha. finally. hiligoss is in.

  16. Hi Prosser! Long time--no float by!

    Frog egg, eh? nteresting. In Halfland, the Frog is "Time" itself. I wonder what your tadpoles would turn into? Minutes/moments?! HA! Love it.

    Don't miss Nick's other outrageously fabulous puppets for this sea scene:

    The Quadropods gatekeepers! Illy and Goss

    I plan to send these, the Tuna, and exceptional others by pros around the globe, to Turkey and San Diego, after the scene is filmed, so that other stop moes heads can make little clips with them. yay.


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