Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cupboard (no longer) Bare

More luxurious Halfland time this week. Glorious. Built the wainscoting and storage cupboards on the bay window's wall in the cottage. Used the same piece of scrap 1/8" plywood I used to finish the bed. Used an awl, knife, nailset, anything strong and metal to crudely gouge/incise a tongue and groove pattern (wood carving tools were very costly and I found Dremel tool again utterly useless.) Fortunately for me, a perfect machined look wouldn't suit Rana's cottage. I mean, wouldn't a goat's cottage in the woods look like it was put together with hooves and teeth?! So, I happily left my chewed up texture and errant lines. moulding was added to the top rail. Leather hinges.

When the fuschia silk obi window seat cushions, woolen throw, etc. are finished and the clear glass tudor style windows are in place, that nook will be a welcome spot for afternoon naps.

bottom left, Halfland under moonlight.

upper left/lower right, finished kitchen cupboard too. Leather hinges, bent flat metal strip into scroll shapes, bound with leather jewelry cording. Putting a faux bois finish on doors of something grown out of a real tree cracked me up.

Lower left, more desiccated flowers and greenery for arrangements in the cottage. Pale blue flowers had to be painted fuschia to match the interior palette with a small brush.

Upper right, built a built-in set of bins in the roots of the tree with crate like drawers for stowing what else? Root vegetables! Likely the garlic and onion props will go here. It's since been painted to match the other kitchen furniture with appropriate marks of wear over time.


  1. I LOVE watching this wonderful land! go alive one by one,... you spending time on little details.. And Halfland under moonlight .. I can imagine how you feel when you took that picture.
    I am out of town because of a health problem in our family. Its has been a week and it looks like we are here for another week. So, away from my studio, puppet, tree,.. But seeing your blog makes me stay connected to what I love to do.. one more time :) All the best!!

  2. I love the idea of root storage space, also digging the color scheme, those fuschia cushions really brighten up the space.

  3. And yes, roughly hewn (hoof n teeth :) carving is definitely the way to go!

  4. Thank you, Yaz. Sorry to hear there's a problem. A speedy recovery to all those involved.

    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, it means the world. Looking forward to following your progress when you get home too.

    Thanks, Jeffery, yep, the colors in the cottage are layers of deep wines, pomegranates, roses, pinks, and hot pinks punctuated with ocher woods, firelight, and clay tiles. There are zero cool tones inside the house. I want it to feel thoroughly warm and rich.

  5. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Oh and it does feel warm and rich...this is just so very wonderful. I love the attention to the flowers and nature, hoof and teeth : ) Truly beautiful.

  6. Lookin good Herself! Lookin Good!!


  7. Thanks, Miss Peggy! When all the soft props get dressed on the set I think you are going to love it. I know I'll want to curl up there and stay a bit.

    Thanks, J-riggs!

  8. You have been busy,,oh,,gosh I do love the details, and seeing the progression. On with more catch up!

  9. Thank you, my Marcie HON!

  10. I am green with production envy! So much is getting done over here at Halfland! I've found myself involved in too many graphics projects, both work related and non, that are stealing too much time away from my set. Must fix that soon!
    I love all that I am seeing here!

  11. Gads! How can I shrink down to that size!! So beautiful. I love that tree and the root bins! Sharon


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