Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't Make Me Laugh

No, this isn't my gruesome new mask for Halloween. I just got home from the ER (again!). This is for stitches on my mouth and brow from an extremely poorly timed gesture of love for my favorite cat.

I had just turned off my computer and desk lamp to go cuddle Paul on the couch sleepily, so it was pitch black dark on the set as I walked past my cat in her basket. I leaned down to kiss her in the dark, as I do 10,000 x's a day. Not being able to see her clearly, I didn't understand she was fast asleep. She felt my breath on her in the dark from a dead sleep and lashed out fast with claws and a hiss, splitting my lip nearly clean through and (this is the good news) missing my eye by an inch.

It was entirely my fault. I learned a big lesson--don't be an IDIOT! I doubt I'll be sticking my FACE in on a SLEEPING CAT in the DARK again! Gah!

Paul was here for this emergency and after he flipped out over all the blood, he sweetly drove me 45 minutes each way to the same ER I went to 3 months ago where they gave stupendous care again. I've been Lidocain-ed, saline washed, skillfully needle-sewn (funny after my last post title!) Tetanus-ed, and prophylactic antibiotic-ed. Ice and watch for infection, that's it. Oh, yeah, no smiling for a while!


  1. Oh no! I'm glad your eye is ok, but wow. That's scary.

  2. Dayum!!!!

    It's feline domestic abuse!! You should put on hockey gear before getting cozy with the kitties! You'll have a nice little scar from that one!!

  3. I love the naked truth of the photo! You certainly have my sympathy and I'm so glad Mr P was there this time. Heal little cut, heal.

  4. Oh My! The things we go through with our pets! Glad nothing too terrible happened, although I'm sure it feels awful!

    I bet kitty feels awful, too! Bethca she's real sweet to you over the next few days! Here's to a speedy recovery!!

    Oh......and I did make 2 fish....and then I burnt them in the toaster oven, and have been trying to salvage them ever since. I had to put them down for a little while and think on it. And well....I'm still thinking, I said before.....I'm just sloooow. :)

    Take Care!

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Awww, Shelley!

    Ordinarily, I would try to make you laugh and feel better, but you said not to, so I'll put away the comedy.

    Instead, take it easy and get well soon- and if anyone asks, you won the match.

  6. Oh no.. Shelley, I am so sorry to hear this. I am glad your eye is okey and I hope you get well soon and start smiling again!

  7. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Oh Shelley!! That was too close. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. YeeeeaaaaooooOOOOOOOUUUCH!

    Sorry about that........

    ...... heal fast!!!


  9. Ouch, Ouch, and OUCH!

    Sooo glad Cloud missed your eye, could have been so much worse - small consolation when you are going through the pain of it I know.

    Sending you wishes of fast healing.


  10. ooooo my. So sorry, that must of hurt. those kitty claws are razor edged. here is to a speedy recovery!

  11. Ahhh Oweeee,,,crap! I can't believe it! I know,, they just get scared and lash out from instinct. Not a good place,,the lip,,,dang... I am glad your eye is safe. I am glad your mending, the body is amazing how it heals.
    Take care

  12. Thanks so much everyone. What great friends you all are! Sniffle.


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