Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Gift of Time?

I found this fly (alreedy deed) the other day. I admit I did consider using he and his friend's wings for more time flys/flies puppets. But I couldn't do it. No, I'm afraid I'll have to source wings elsewhere or make 'em.

In any case, my plan is to make future flys closer to his smaller size and fit them into the watch part vials that Halfland's Official Naturalist graciously sent to me. I'm hoping to get really swift at making them so that I can make one for each and every person who took their precious time to make their marvelous puppet contribution to Halfland's underwater scene.**

It's a small gesture to hopefully convey my gratitude to everyone who gave so greatly of themselves. These will be limited edition numbered gifts given to all puppet contributors symbolizing the wish that the time they spent should be returned to them and forever multiplied so they'll have as much as they'd like to do the things they enjoy.

(**I'm toying with skipping my annual holiday mailing this year and spending the time making these instead. They aren't very Christmassy I realize, so I might mail them for a New Years' fresh start. Thoughts?)


  1. Oh, taht would be another great reason to contribute a puppet.... ;)

  2. Absolutely! The only people who will have an official signed and numbered limited edition Time Fly will be puppet contributors. (Mike Brent is the only exception because he too has given much of his time) You sent the gate, so you already qualify too--BUT if you can make a little simple something... I'd love it!

    Thanks, Rich! Back attcha.

  3. My friend's son goes fishing and has the most amazing collection of flies created around fishing hooks. There'll be info out there on the internets about how they are made!

  4. Great idea, world famous master paper automata maker, ROB IVES!!!!( Holy cow! How nice to have you in Halfland

    Great idea to see how fishermen make their tiny hand tied flys, yes! I've check that out, thanks!

  5. Oooooh!! A tiny Halfland fly! Awesome :)

  6. Jeffery, you just WAIT!!!!!! Wait until you see the new and improved flies that I'll be able to make now that I've found the genius Graham Owen's techniques on his site! He's really opened my eyes to what's possible. I spent all day Thursday reading his pages and bought the supplies to try it the next day. Can't wait to try one!


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