Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Roar! Tiger Shark Arrives!

Richard Svensson The Lone Animator in Sweden just sent in his fantastic contribution to the underwater scene, a Tiger Shark! Half tiger, half shark. Perfect!

The Tiger Shark was much smaller than I expected from seeing the detail in the photos of it being built on Richard's blog, which makes it all the most extraordinary! Look at it! How was he able to get such perfect sculpting on its face and mouth and the surface texture perfectly balanced between scales and fur (it could be either)!? It's remarkable to feel and animate as well, fishy-flesh-soft all over except for the perfect sharp claws and teef. Great movement in paws, fins, mouth, and tail.

The little frame grabs showing it's mouth shut were taken from a little clip I made showing how it moves/its texture after I opened the box. I tried to make a quickie stop mo with it too but it's going to take more practice to begin to show it justice. It can do anything; swim with its front paws and swish it's tail, swim towards the camera in a slow roar, etc. This will be very fun to work out schtick for.

Richard, you've gone above and beyond on this. I can't properly thank you, or the many others who have gone to such lengths to make that scene in Halfland a global party under the sea.

Thank you for making this amazing puppet and joining in, in such a big way, all the way from Sweden!


  1. I'm so glad you liked the puppet and thinks it'll work for you! I'm even happier that it arrived as it should -that hasn't always been the case when sending stuff from Sweden to the US.
    The only novelty for me when building the tiger shark was the use of silicone for its skin. You certainly would've gotten it quicker if I had used latex, but that would not have made it flexible enough (in my mind). The silicone won't make the skin wrinkle up as much as if it had been made out of latex.
    "Halfland" is such a unique project and I'm very happy to have been able to be a part of it!

  2. I didn't knew you're still collecting... Richard, great job! Now I really want to do one on my own again...

    Is there any deadline I have to keep in mind, Shelley?

  3. The silicone is sensational on this! Thank you, again!

    Jessica, plenty of time! Definitely! I won't start building the i=underwater set for the sea sequence until the main cottage set is complete. done. finished.

    You've got at least three months, say by Christmas. I hope you can go for it! (in addition to your sending in the half-gate already, I mean.) xoxo

  4. Same reaction, tiger shark is much smaller than I expected! Amazing job Richard!
    Shel - you really shouldn't allow yourself such an open-mouthed expression of delight when you have stitches in your lip, whatever the provocation! ;)

    Too many new posts for me to keep up!

  5. Hi Nick, That photo was pre-catslashing! Oh, those were the days.

    Get ready--more posts loading up, good ones as well!

  6. that's really cool, Richard!

  7. Vaoww... so small and very very beautiful!!

  8. Hi, DJ! nice pupp, right!?

    Hi, Yaz! I just noticed how Richard painted the top of the Shark's fin so that it looks like a tiger's tail when viewed from straight on! A great detail that I will have to exploit in the film!


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