Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guest Artists: Cirelle & Nancy Fit in Halfalnd

Lovely Cirelle planted Rana's cottage window box so that it looked exactly as if it were growing. We all loved how the flowers looked from inside the cottage. As creative guests, she and Nancy were asked to sign the artist autograph board.

Darling Nancy got her hands into the sumptuous woolen yarns, hand-dyed velvets and silk strips she used to create little cocoon spool props that will look amazing next to Rana's chairs. Twigs had to be snipped to length for a uniform result.

While standing outside Paul's local book signing the other day, I struck up a conversation with two lovely women, Cirelle and Nancy, whom I've known by sight for many years but hadn't ever gotten to know at any depth. I was stitching a gift to keep busy and Cirelle offered to sew a bit of it. That got my attention as I've not known many people who would want to do anything with their hands like that besides myself.

We started chatting about Halfland and wasn't I surprised when both she and her dear friend Nancy got excited to come to Halfland to help. They could not have been nicer, we really had a lovely afternoon planting a cottage window box and winding hand spun wool yarns onto twig spools as props.

We talked and ate and tried to stay warm, but the best news of all is that THEY REALLY WERE HELPFUL!! They both took wonderful sensitivity and care to the tasks I had planned out for them, each doing a perfect job, such that I won't have to re-do or alter a thing! Ladies, you're talented hands fit right in!

Their coming over gave me the shame leverage I needed to do a major clearing in the workshop. I got all the prop materials organized found that there were in fact several jobs that can be delegated to whomever might come here to lend a hand. No matter the level art experience or skills, it seems all that's needed to contribute in a major way here is a kind, open heart. I'm at the point in the project now where I can clearly see what tasks can be handed over to whomever is offering to help.

In the case of Cirelle and Nancy, I found they both had the detail awareness, patience, and knack for getting inside the project. They seemed very attuned right way to the peaceful, rustic little world being created bit by bit, and craft beautiful things, saving me a lot of time.

It was wonderful having you both here, Cirelle and Nancy. I hope you'll come again!


  1. m_) Cirelle great job with that window and or the flowers plus the door, the whole thing is so beautiful..

    And the cat is an art in itself, good job kittie for being just you, you know.

  2. Thanks, Dan, Cirelle did do a great job on the window box! I'm hoping she'll do the sencond one and paint them both when she's here next. (~Downstairs Clare made the door and then I finished it with hardware.)

    I think cats are great works of art too! Are they ever not beautiful?! It's uncanny.

  3. Shelley, I am so happy to see that you had these wonderful creative guests over there to help you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do here. I am serious, really. I asked you before too. Maybe I can work on some little props and send you. Just let me know.

    Annnnnddddd, Zeynep's cap :))) You are amazing!!! That little link "gift" inside your post took me to that treasure :) Thank you Shelley and thank you Cirelle!!

  4. A wonderful offer, Yaz! And I know you are sincere about that. Trouble is that I want you to make progress on your film as much as I want to make some on mine!

    Just send your moral support and think good thoughts for me and I'll do the same here.

    After your film is all done, I'm sure there will be a new episode of the Halfland Series that you can make something for. I'd like to take you up on your offer at such a time as that!

  5. Ok :) I got it!

  6. m_) I do my best at not being narcissistic yet I am in love with cats; something I can't control.


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