Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Character: UPDATE His new name is Monty!!!

Thought of and sketched this little guy today. The idea came from the dried blowfish I bought from Kit Kraft last week. If Mike Sitkin hadn't had them inexplicably hanging up behind the cash register and priced within reach, I would likely never have thought of adding a guy of this sort to underwater scene. Maybe I should name him Kit?

The dried fish wasn't very photogenic, what with being a long dead dried out Porcupinefish fish from the family Diodontidae, also commonly called blowfish and, sometimes, "balloonfish" and "globefish" (wiki). But after Googling for images of live samples, I had fun imagining how to make a puppet for the film from him.

I thought his sharp spines and puffy balloon-like body made for an ideal Halflandian joke. To me it's as though he's a happy little fellow who can't understand why he's never been able to have an intimate relationship with those of is kind. I won't have to build more than the one to get the concept across. He'll just gently float through the scene and everyone will get it.

ok, dear readers, any name ideas?


  1. Hootie is cute and I like the name too~Seems fitting :)


  2. Thanks, Keke! I know! he does seem like a Hootie!

  3. Cirelle has suggested:

    "Spinky" or "Spink"

    Both of which I really like and think also fit him. Any others?

  4. m)_) how about ..pinchy!

  5. "Pinchy" is good, Dan. Oh! How about "Pokey"!?

  6. "Zinger" maybe?? Or "komik" which means funny in Turkish?
    By the way, "spinky" is my favorite among the names above.

  7. Zinger is really clever, Yaz! How can you possibly be clever and funny in a non-native language!? In awe!

    Keep 'em coming everyone. Remember, Spinky or Zinger doesn't realize that his causing problems!

  8. How about "Bang Bang!" ?

  9. "Prickles" ? "Eril the Peril" ?

  10. Oh, I got it. So, "Bang Bang" is my new favorite. It reminds me of a song from Red Kit. Do you know that song; something like bang bang tuli tuli.. Is that from Red Kit.. hmmmm I think so.

  11. Anonymous11:26 AM

    The Montgolfiere brothers were the inventors of the hot air balloon, first flight in 1783, Paris.

    I say you call him Monty.

  12. OOOO, that good! See, I knew the readers here would come up with the good stuff! Thanks, Peggy

    He looks like a Monty! I like all the other names a lot but I think we'll go with Monty!?

  13. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Oh Shelley that would be great!! Especially given the ruckus that I caused over in artsyville by mistakenly sending my Monty comment there as well! I'm not even sure how I managed to send it to two places.

  14. i can confirm she did cause quite a ruckus over in artsyville with her double comment! i now have a painting named monty who i guess is now the twin of your cute fishie! love that peggy!

  15. (^ hootie the blowfish is now
    (^ the full monty eh?

    Puffinger Poppers: or straight up Puffles for short: \
    not to be too magic dragonned but still... a balloon encrusted with embedded nails for protective covering is like an armadillo crossbred with a porcupine.

    (^ Puffinger spell checks as
    Puffiness Puffin Fingertip Forefinger.

    (^ like a warning.
    looky no touchy unless you know how to pet not fingerpoint.

    the less puffed up, the easier to clasp without getting stuck

    like an umbrella: closed is easier to carry in harsh wind conditions

  16. Brian! I love the name "Puffinger Poppers" That is so clever and thoughtful! I like how it relates to his situation and warns of what will happen if touched!

    Very clever indeed.

    I was more recently thinking of calling him Spike.

    Monty is cute on him though and I did announce it as such.

    I guess it'll be more clear when he's built.

    Thanks so much for visiting!


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