Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quickie*: Bug Party Set (in progress)

Wasn't on The Build List but sort emerged itself. Mushrooms, plaid mushrooms, plaid mushrooms with tiny doors and porches, plaid mushroom houses with tiny plates and tea cups and saucers for spots, a cafe. A cafe for bugs. A cafe for bugs to party at night. A party for bugs with tiny paper lanterns shaped like bugs as if made from old chrysalis, petals and seeds. Party lights powered by the stream via a water wheel... you get the idea!

*Fast talking, brief vid grab of current batch of progress on Halfland set. Still photo posts with more detail are planned.


  1. Ok, have just watched all of the quickie video posts. Amazing!! I can not find words to describe how beautiful everything looks. All those details... After watching these videos after me being away for a long while.. I now see why you as an artist and Halfland as a film are so special. You never care about limitations of the art form you are performing here. You do whatever you imagine regardless of difficulty of making those miniatures and animating in stop motion technique. Yes, if you see it that way, there sould be a steam over that soup pot and that little snail should accross that little bridge to go to bugs party... You never take shortcuts, you know that there must be those little mushrooms over there to make it complete. I really respect you! Go, go, go my friend!!

    Say hi to Cirelle! It looks like she has been a huge help for you with her wonderful talent.

  2. Genius! A waterwheel to run the lanterns! I need one of those I think... And a house-snail in miniature, my heart is melting. But you already know that its the bug party scene that has me sitting on the ground in tears... Wishing I were a pretty green one...

  3. Thanks to Yaz and Ulla! I don't know how I missed these comments they are marvelous and both so touching to hear! thank you so much!

    I'm hoping the scene with be as fun as we hope!


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