Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quickie*: Exterior Miniature Landscapes (in progress)

Quickie*: Exterior Miniature Landscapes (in progress)
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Cirelle is a goddess who knows nature by heart. She explained about Riparian plants near water as we built this setting for the amazing Time Frog puppet.

*Fast talking, brief vid grab of current batch of progress on Halfland set. Still photo posts with more detail are planned.


  1. Everything looks gorgeous Shelley! So many perfect little elements, can't wait to see it all in action, come to life! I loved the illusion of the spider web that you have planned in the attic, and also the caterpillow :) Fantastic little chandelier too! Awesome and inspiring!

  2. Thanks, Jeffery! It's a lot of "stuff". I think I'll have to break it all down into small vignettes over a series of episodes.

    (I hope you feel completely free to use any ideas you ever see here. I'd be complimented.)

  3. Beautiful! I love when it lit up - the whole thing is magical.

    I might be late to notice this but I love your new banner - beautiful!

  4. Thanks so much, Emily!!!

  5. wow. just watched all the videos. cool idea to make them speedy. half land is almost done!!! go shelley!

    and ya that new banner is gorgeous.

  6. Thanks, Rich Rich! woo gogogogo yeh.

    The bug is one of the drab party bugs dressed for the get together. (!) Loving the shadow he makes!

  7. Anonymous5:46 PM

    So wonderful to see all that you have been up to! I love every scene that I've seen.

  8. When you're back posting, are you ever back! So much new stuff -way too much to take in at the moment - Halfland is a meal to be savoured, not fast food - but I'll be back soon when I've done a little work of my own.
    Yep, that's one elegant bug!

  9. I just watched 4 quickie videos, love the tour through the different areas.
    You know, eventually after you've animated all your stories, there needs to be a Halfland Museum open to the public! (Not that you'll ever run out of stories I guess....)

  10. Hey-y-y-y.
    Loved the videos, can't believe how many artistic details and technical thingys you're juggling.
    Sooooo great!

  11. m_) beautiful work as usual. glad things keep progressing with you, Shelley. Not much time to go into details but definitely worth dropping a line here being amazed/inspired by your creations..

  12. Thanks, Nick!, JON!, and Dan!

    Been knocked offline again last week from a different set of tech issues (!) but good news is the progress is staggering as a result!

    Got out of the habit of reading blogs too. Thus re-allocating all those daily hours to either catching up on rest for the body or set/prop progress! w00t!

  13. Thanks, Peggy! Can't wait to show you MORE!! BAAAAAAaaaaah!

  14. Hi Shelley!
    Gosh I am behind on Halfland. First..you are amazing. It is all just magical beyond words.

  15. DAAAANNNG!!!

    Princess Progress in Da House!!!

    awesome looking stuff lady.


  16. Wowwww.. after me being away for a long while, how am I going to catch up with things you have done here. Wonderful, wonderful my friend! I am sooo happy to see Halfland getting together. The land of Halfland is getting alive. It has been great to take this little tour. There are many new things I have not seen before. I better continue reading your other posts now.

    Love the place where bugs will party by the way!

  17. "...don't even worry about it..." how deLIGHTful! And a Bug Party???? Now you have outdone yourself!
    Missed you,

  18. Bug party, I love it, lots of wonderful miniature props.

  19. Thanks, Justin, Yaz, Ulla, and Linda!

    Can you believe I've scarcely been online in over two weeks!? Me neither, it's a first for sure.

    How will I ever catch up the posts here?!


    Thank you for your kind words!

  20. Hi Shelley,
    I just responded to your email, did you get it? I danced over to see if you had posted something new...I know you are busy oh talented one,,,I am looking forward to your shareing Halflands progress.

  21. Hi Marcie! nope, no email :(

    I'm so happy to report the progress has been exponential! Time to post is the only problem!


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