Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quickie*: Cottage Interior 1 (in progress)

Quickie*: Cottage Interior 1 (in progress)
Originally uploaded by Nobledesign

The birds need help. But since they were made I got better tactics for making the pupps. May try again to get it right.

*Fast talking, brief vid grab of current batch of progress on Halfland set. Still photo posts with more detail are planned.


  1. Awesome!!!why do I feel like typing so fast..lol...great video!
    Need anything? Do you still want a wasp nest?

  2. I have butterflies in my stomach seeing all of this! So exciting and lovely :).

  3. Marcie, I hope you realize how much I'm using everything you sent! You really sent the perfect stuff. Thank you again. I'm using one of the lily pods for the bee hive so I don't *think* I need the wasp nest. Do I? I trust your instincts more than mine now.

    Thanks, Amy! I get butterflies in my stomach looking at the stuff in person too! I'm so delighted that you are excited too! Getting close to filming now! Woo hoo!


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