Saturday, January 08, 2011

Catching You Up: Honey, I'm Home!

A while back I completed another detail for the cottage interior, the honey comb installed in amongst the Answer Tree roots, just under the hearth. The honey slowly drips out from the comb into an old waiting ceramic dish for Rana to sweeten her tea.
It started with a lotus blossom pod, with all its lovely organic shaped chambers and cells,  sent to me by Halfland's Official Naturalist, Marcie, in one of her amazing packs. I coated the paper thin piece with the discontinued :( product Porcelainize It which makes it hard as ceramic when dry.

Then I carefully fitted each cell with a gate of oil paper set in place with more liquid porcelain. A few of these chambers were then pierced to reveal drops of royal larva, flecked with gold, cocooned in multi-colored layers of flower petals. This because I had read where they've just discovered a species of bee that makes these sorts of petal cases for its young. I put pollen behind some cells and egg-like beads behind others. I used glossy transparent non-tox urethane glue for the dripping honey at the top.


  1. Several interesting new posts all at once - can't do justice to each of them!
    Great idea using the lotus pod.
    3 cheers for Cirelle, Constance, and Carol!
    Too much, too nice, to take in...

  2. Thanks, Nick! I know several posts at once is too much, especially since I write long posts.

    I thought about writing the posts and then scheduling them to publish here one-per-day.

    But by the time I get a minute to write them, I'm too excited not to get them out right then, right away!

  3. Wow! Everything is looking so amazing Shelly! Love love love it.

  4. Whenever I visit your blog I see tremendous progress. Details.. tiny, little, big just everything you create with those wonderful people look amazing. I love the honey comb you placed there, bugs, roses, bamboo, butterflyies... Go my frind go go go :))

  5. Thanks Ben and Yaz!

    It really helps and cheers me on when you say love love love it and go go go!

    It really does. It's like having cheerleaders. Really gets you going!

    And I like being that for you both as well! GO GO GO! I Love love love it!

  6. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Oh how I love your juxtapositions! A lotus as a honeycomb.... PERFECT.

  7. Beautiful! I love the detail in your work!
    Thanks for the Christmas card by the way! It's amazing :)

  8. Thank 'ya, Peggy and Emily!

    Depth, texture, and detail. That's what this set is all about.

    You guys rule.

    (Glad you got the card, Emily.)

    (Anyone else reading this who didn't get the Comfort Mouse card by now, it likely got lost in the mail or I don't have your latest address. Please email me if you've moved since last year. Fanx.)

  9. ohmygoodness! I am glad you found a use for the pod. I think of the bee pod sometimes, nature is such a Halfland. Love the moon lantern too!
    Need anything?

  10. Ah, Marcie! what a dreamboat you are! I can ask you to look for interesting natural materials you might see in the Southern part of the country while on one of your nature walks! Fantastic!

    YES! I would love any interesting small seed pods (just 1 or 2) that you feel might be a fit for the project when you are outside. I don't know what sorts of trees you might have over there, but I sure trust your sensibility!

    I've used nearly everything you've ever sent!


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