Friday, January 07, 2011

Meet Carol: Tea Cup Roses Finally Bloom

Carol in initial grass proving grounds, two upper left shots, then in charge of the roses on the right and bottom left. It takes an extra artful eye to create something beautiful while under interrogation-style lighting at night here.

I've known Carol for over twenty-five years. I knew her as the always well-dressed woman with the artful eye making interiors, cakes, and gardens, look professionally designed. But one day not so long ago, Carol asked to come along to Halfland with Sherie on Friday evenings after their workday was done. I coldly told her to have a look at the blog and see whether this madness was remotely anything she'd like to work on. And to my amazement it was!    o.0

I put her in grass-making purgatory at first, not really yet understanding the depth of her talents. But right away she rocked the grass so heavily I was taken aback! She took it to a whole other level of realism and beauty that will become key throughout the set landscape.

The roses growing outside the cottage on the right, and being placed on the interior wall upper left and from Rana's bed lower left.
I soon realized that Carol was going to be a huge boon to the set building and thought to give her a fun, plum job that I'd been relishing the idea of doing myself, the Tea Cup Roses. The tiny cups had been thrown and made to look as though they were growing on a bush, the coffee filter roses had been made and were painted in soft pinks and corals, even the twig trellis and silk rose vines had already been painted and prepped. All that was left was the task of taking those elements and making them look as though they were growing outside the cottage bedroom window and then right through the window and onto the interior bedroom wall.

I'm trilled with her results. And Carol has gone on since to design and create the drapery around the bed using fabrics with various seed pods! I'm going to ask her to complete the Tudor windows next and then... Who knows, but whatever it is she'll do it so beautifully I'll be amazed!

So happy Carol is here!


  1. Shelley, it seems that you're something like a magnet for creative and talented people! Congrats for having Carol at your team now, she's obviously doing a great job!

  2. I can't figure out why they are coming, Jessica. But I'm sure going to get them to build stuff for this until they wake up from whatever spell has been cast on them!

    The best thing, besides their talent, is how sensitive they each are. Very pure people, no drug vibes, no weirdness. Just wholesome people.

    Now I'm spoiled!

  3. I guess it's because Halfland is something like a creative honey pot, and all of them are like busy creative bees, and you're their queen! :D No, serious, I'd love to be part of Halfland, too. The creative energy is soo vibrant...

  4. Now that sort of buzzzzz is alright! Buzzz Buzzz... :)

    Should you unexpectedly find yourself in LA, I'd love to have you here.

    You already built a marvelous lantern fish puppet for the undersea scene and I'm planning to use the hand-made gate half of yours as a "Pearly gate" next to the "OYsters" (a Jewish couple in a clamshell--hilarious on so many levels).


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