Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Blade of Grass

Update of Party Bug building from last week. The battle weary dragonfly above now salutes the guest of honor with a sword made from... what else but a blade of grass! I picked a tiny bloom, dried and painted its calyx to center in his golden pod crown. The hilt of sword is some strange dried plant material I found here and coated with the very sticky last of the now gone forever Petal Porcelain which was also used on the real blade of grass as well. Both were painted after being preserved.

I worked many hours on making balloons for around his waist as I'm sure he can't fly quite as well as he used to but the miniature glass Christmas bulbs I used as their bases, under hand-painted cellophane silk, had a too wide an opening and it *just* missed looking like balloons I think. Although as I typed that I realized I should try lowering the knot and see...

These are more Party scene extras. The top guy with the crooked antennae is wearing purple pants with an Elvis-like white belt and gold belt buckle made from the head of a sequin pin to offset his yellow pollen shoes. Schnazzy.

The middle guy is blind in the eyes but sees well through the bulbs on his antennae. I like the texture the yellow flocking gives his body and the gentle iridescence on his wings from a paint that has been discontinued by Nova Color :(

The bottom guy on the left is just a small translucent and pink with polka dot fuzzy wings dude. And that's "Buck" on the right. He's super small and yet has such a fun personality! The droopy eyes and protruding front teeth! And sassy pollen clump shoes!

Having way too much fun making these.


  1. Your bugs are wonderful!
    Keep playing -- the whimsy shines through.

  2. Thanks so much for saying that Barbara. I needed a pick me up right now. Having tech troubles for work at the moment.

  3. Adorable little buggies!

  4. For sure, Elva! Love that.

    Thanks, Jon!

  5. I love those bugs !!
    There are so tiny...
    You sure have magical hands.

  6. You know something, Elva? I think your name for these, "Lovebugs!" may be the way the storybook should be titled! Thank you!

    Hi Vincent, Fanx! I love making these!


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