Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flowers for Justin*

Justin Rasch is one of the truly luckiest men on earth. That sparkle of love you see in these lovely ladies eyes was all for him. Shel and Aedon share a giggle over sending their sweet thoughts to daddy while he's away on his Stop Motion Mission.
Last Saturday Shel and Aedon Rasch came over to visit and play. yay! Lucky me that Shel found herself with a little window of time to come over, something I always want more of. And even though she's still (RAPIDLY!) recovering from knee surgery she still managed to climb the many flights of stairs here, did my dishes while I rushed to finish making lunch (! The horror of Shel as a guest doing that! But she couldn't stand to see all the dirty dishes staring at her after a while. note; Dish stack pictured not the actual stack washed by Shel but that's what it looked like. HA!) I had been trying to tidy the place up before she arrived but I was cutting it close and she arrived while I was still in my typical slept in dumpster look. Sigh.

Shel and I cut an acre of crisp crepe paper grass for the set after lunch. Later, I thought Shel might like to try to make some bright flowers with the new doublette (2-color double-sided) crepe paper I just bought from Castle in The Air (owned by reader Karima!) She made truly lovely blooms (seen in the top photos) for the macro garden in Halfland and even showed Aedon how to do it too.

Aedon was a blur of animated joy and creativity the whole visit. She seemed quite happy to make things in the shop, hunt for the hiding cats, and catch an episode of the Brady Bunch, make squishy foam fish puppets and adorable clay figures.

As always I found them both so easy to be with, great to share with, inspiring to be around. But wait there's more...

In a fantastical instance of Life Imitating Art, as they were leaving Shel and Aedon rescued a very lost, skinny, hungry, desperate little puppy on our street. I was sad to see it looking for Cirelle, whom it had met the night before in our parking lot. But I was just going to once again shake my head in sadness and go on with my life. Not our Superhero Shel! Once we saw the little guy holding his paw up on the corner hoping each passerby would care for him, Shel called for him and as he cheerfully ran to her she leapt out of her van (!), assessed he was safe to interact with, told Aedon they would bathe and feed him but that he was not theirs to keep--got the agreement, gathered him under her caring arm and was off with him is under 23 seconds! Swoop! It's a wonder her cape doesn't get caught in the car doors!
He is happy, on the way to healthy, has a haircut by Shel (photo from her mobile phone above) , and is currently in the heart and home of.....

CIRELLE! Hopefully more photos to come soon>>>>

UPDATE::::: He is a fantastic dog! So adorable. Here are photos taken at his home after he'd settled in to his new happy forever love home with Cirelle....

Thanks for being our Hero Shel. 

*A postcard from home for you, Justin.


  1. Awwww......I love those Lady's DEARLY!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the visuals....and kind words.


  2. aaaawwww! good show, shel! i love that line about her cape catching in the car door. :D

  3. Cool!!! Guest stars, like when Lavern and Shirley would show up on Happy Days.

  4. HA! Totally, Jeff!

    Or when Will and Grace would go get a drink on Cheers, wait, that never happened.


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