Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dandelying: part 2

One of my new jumbo method of Dandelying stuck in a pot of real dandelion leaves that I grew for reference. I'm not trying to recreate the world in Halfland, just a kind of crude handmade sketch of it.
Making these "God's way" is so much easier! I took the faux grass seed heads like before only this time I glued individual natural paint brush bristles into the nap of it. I took a couple of passes at sticking these in on each jumbo dandelion (for the macro large scale garden on set). It didn't take long, certainly not as long as the method from part 1.

Next I tipped each bristle with glue and daubed them with cut fibers off of a white faux fur. Couple coats of that gave a nearly full globe shape. It's not perfect, but I was quite thrilled with the results and how natural they look. It was a little wild, while trimming the fluff into a round shape, to objectively look down at my table now and again to see these in their stages of being made. I felt a wee bit like god (little g) producing the natural world.
 (left) shows a jumbo dande with the Halfland smaller scale dandeleaves. (center) shows small dandeleaves in the making. (right) shows where the small dandes will mainly grow, on the roof of the cottage over the kitchen. The roots seen previously there are, it's now decided, dandelion roots.

For the leaves, I took flat dried real dande leaves that I had picked while out weeks back. I'd sandwiched it in clear contact paper to preserve/strengthen it. I cut a small one in half vertically and used it as a pattern to cut out many copies in lightweight green tissue paper. Thin green wires were sandwiched in between two of each cutouts (seen center image on the left). Then these were all painted between my fingers with acrylic paints (seen center image on the right).

Also being finished are flat yellow flower heads to be part of the dande cluster and lots more leaves in various sizes needed. We're going to have dandies over here anywheres we might want, yo.


  1. Do I love 'em, or do I not?
    Yep - NOW you've got your dandelion seeds just right!

  2. FANX! Nick!!!

    I think I'm going to use the previous batch for the 1/3 scale, like shown on the roof above. But the larger more detailed version for the (ironically small) macro garden on-set set.

  3. I believe they are magical Shelley!

  4. Thanks so much, Marcie!


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