Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake:
Rose Scented Fare Ready for the Bug Party

The bugs at the bug party are excited to sample the little cakes I built as one of the last props for the big event. (click to enlarge)
The cake stand was made from a slice of branch, the stem of a seed pod, and a coconut button on the bottom. The cakes themselves were cut from small pieces of foam with flavors of paint and heavy gloss gel frosting and filling. I sliced up the cakes to reduce the scale of the filling layer. It took 3 coats of frosting to cover the foam texture.

The frosting flowers were made from small paper roses and rosebuds coated with clear heavy gloss gel to lessen their detail and make them look as if they were made of frosting. I also used sesame seeds, pressed, preserved and painted mini rose leaves, paper punch shapes as smaller leaves, and real micro pods painted to make them look like scale rose buds for the tops.

I made two cakes of about the same size as well as a few slices and lumps that will later be seen on the white spot plates on the mushroom table settings as the party goes late into the night. To present the cakes, I punched small holes on painted real leaves to suggest the paper dollies that typically line cake stands. I wanted it to look half like fancy cake doily and almost as though the bugs ate the leaves in that pattern for the party. They are going all out for this.
Everyone will be invited to taste a little at the party. Gretchin Lair suggested having small rose scented cakes for guests at the Halfland launch party! Brilliant idea! Done!


  1. I thought it was sponge cake! Oh, bad joke, I know haha!
    I do love your cakes though. The first two photos are really good, great atmosphere and colours.

  2. WONDERFUL!! I'm just popping by to get caught up. I love how you make EVERYTHING!!! It makes me feel a little guilty I'm not. oh well; there's an art to finding thrift store finds, right? :o)

  3. that cake is adorable. when you have a launch party, i hope there's a rose-scented cake there just like it! :D

  4. Josje! I just went to your blog... my gosh what an incredible miniature artist you are. Absolutely sublime! Hugely talented. Thank you for your comment. And if you ever figure out what button you pushed to get that amazing accidental still life---I'll trade you the actions to get the texture in those first shots here!

    Hi DJ!!! Finding is actually just as important as making! I learned that from Micheal Curry. He said spotting something in the right scale is half the battle. Your stuff looks incredible! Gogogogoggo!

    Thanks, gl! That is an absolutely winning idea! YES! I believe I will make sure to have little rose scented cakes at the launch! YAY! Super genius idea! Thanks!

  5. Shelley, these cakes look gorgeous, – and tasty!

    Both of the two top pictures are worth to print a postcard, I suppose (my favorite is the right one).

    By the way, I'd love to have a How To book about Halfland one day, you know, like those Disney production books! A real book! With loads of you beautiful pictures! (Oh, and you mustn't translate it into Spanish for me! ;) )

  6. HA! Oh, Jessica, you got me laughing with that one. (folks, Jessica follows my Tweets and I have been non-stop complaining about a Spanish translation of a a book I'm producing right now! HA!)

    Postcards, huh? Hmmmm, Well I love making images like that. And of course a luscious Halfland book is my dream! Definitely on the agenda!

    Thanks, friend.

  7. Yummyyyy!!!! Vow.. cake looks great. So bad, no way for me to be at the launch party... First 2 photos are very nice: look like bugs are eating cake in my dream.

    By the way, I like the new look of your blog too. Nice header!!:)

  8. Hee hee, Hi Yaz, that new header was inspired by the conversation you and Mike and I have been having over whether or not a place has offer the same visual details as the text of a story. I SAY YES!!!

    I will work on getting to be a part of the party, Yaz, but first....

    THE FILM!!! Yikes!

    Love you.

  9. Yummy cakes - wish I was a halfland bug!
    I just noticed the progress bars - Props Building 100%!?
    Oh Em Gee! And Main Set Building not far behind - Hurrah!

  10. Hiya, Nick! Yeah, I've had Props Building at 100% for many months but I keep building stuff!

    Things are gaining though. The list is getting smaller even though it doesn't seem that way.

    The environment is the basis for everything in this film though, so it has to built somehow.

  11. Yes! First THE FILM!!! Go, go, go, Shelley Noble.

  12. This is making me hungry! Very cool and delicious!

  13. That truly is an Appetizing cake...and excellent scene.


  14. Thanks, Mike and Just-ton! Have a treat!

  15. Wow !
    This cake looks so tasty...
    Everything you touch become masterpiece.
    By the way, i love the new blog header picture Shelley.

  16. Why, thank you, Vincent!


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