Tuesday, May 03, 2011

How will I ever catch you up?: Cottage Nightstand

I don't think I ever got to show you this piece of furniture for the cottage? It's a little side table for Rana's bed. It will hold the oil lamp at night and a bowl of yarn balls where the Knitting Beetles will be busy at work.

It was made from miscellaneous wooden shapes, glued and melded together with cement, sanded and painted, and sanded, patina stained, etc. The top was lid of a square box with a hole cut through to house the light works for the lamp.  There are ants marching around the table base, as if they are carved. Can you spot them?
Preview of how the little setting will look next to the comfortable bed. The right hand shot was taken through the hole in the roof where the tree's branch extends over the bed and grows through the roof.


  1. This is fascinating! I am watching closely as you go....

  2. Cool, I love the idea of knitting beetles :)

  3. Shelley, this is gorgeous! So many delicate details! And your progress bars... Mhhh, they're growing!

    Go, Go, Go!
    It's so great to share these experiences with you!

  4. Thank you very much, Isabelle, gretchin, Jeff, and Jessica for your very kind words!

    It really gives me such a nice boost when you comment. Nothing like being appreciated, eh?!

    Yes, please watch.

    I love sharing in your project progress as well, very much.

    Thank you!

  5. Knitting beetles? I'd missed that before - But of course there are!
    Great little table, with perfect ageing on it!

  6. Thanks so much, Nick! That shot of the Knitting Beetles shows them with their micro knitted props but before I've converted those real beetles into puppet beetles with wire, etc.

    They are coming along. I rigged the yarn bowl so the needles can move, with the beetle's "hands" attached, from underneath the table.

    yay. Just figured that out writing that.

  7. man...Im jealous....shels been over a couple times and got to see it all in person.

    Iis all so cool in pics....but nothing beats seeing it in person.


  8. Thanks, Justdiggity!

    I only hope it'll all come across as way cool in the film!

    Yeah, lucky me to have the delights of Shel and Aedon here again. Magic Shel worked on the forest that you haven't seen yet.

  9. Hi Shelley!
    This table is fantastic as every detail you creat is.
    I have been a way and now have lots to catch up on here.
    Need anything?

  10. Thanks, Marcie, HON, It is very Shabby Cottage Chic, huh!? Cool.

    I can't think of anything needed right this minute. But thanks for the invitation to ask if I do...

    I use everything you've sent and continue to each week!

    You know just what Halfland needs!


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