Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Getting In-TENT-se Around Here!

Dear Friends, Much much much progress has been taking place in Halfland:

• The Macro Garden set (for close work on all butterfly actors and snail evening stroll scene) is nearly complete and exceeding my imagination for it by far thanks to Carol!

• The entire main set's White Paper Tree Forest Curtain Proscenium is also nearly finished (making the landscape of the cottage and tree like looking into a GIANT magical Easter Egg scene!) Thanks to Constance's help.

• Cirelle's been coming over Saturdays to finish the Cottage's Roof. It's genuinely at 99% done now! We just sized the dove coat to top it all off this afternoon.

• And the biggest surprise to me is that the Exterior and Interior Tent set (including EVERY thrilling prop for it) for the Serpent Sage Wise Man Musician has been built as well after Sherie started it all off only last week!!

Here's a little tease of the new tent interior for tonight as I'm so excited to show you all the action that's been going on...

Lots of process shots, design choice explanations, and details about the new builds forthcoming as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience!

xoxo, s


  1. Only one photo collage? Only one? ;)

    You really know how to rise excitement!

    – This looks pretty good! And chapeau to you lovely helper mice!

  2. Loving the seam-lines on the tent as well as the awesome fabric. Is the fabric hand dyed or did you age it at all? It has a really unique texture thing going on with it.

  3. Thanks, Jessica, I'm bucking up to make some more posts right now.... xxoxo Thanks for being excited!

    Hello Matt, if I haven't said so already, officially, Welcome to Halfland comments!

    All the fabrics in the desert Sage set have been hand-painted, hand-sewn, and carefully aged with walnut ink and powdered umber chalk.

    I'm really specific about color themes for each character and often end up using paint, chalks, and/or dye to adapt fabrics on hand work for in a pinch.

    Yesterday, I hand painted over the white thread on the tent's seams to an Indian yellow to blend them in better.

    Thanks for asking!

  4. Shelley the pictures look great and it all sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Thanks, Jeff! Do you know how encouraging hearing this is?! Thank you so much.

  6. Looks magical in there - I'd love to be loitering within tent!

  7. B'wuhhahahaaa, Nick! That's a great one. Got me beat. More show and tell on the way...


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