Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's My Bag, Man

My Grandmother gave me an old African? Afghani? Moroccan? pouch many many years ago. It was half the size of what you see above. Each side had the hand-worked pattern and featured five circles of mirrored glass. I covered the shiny blue mirrors with hand-painted paper flowers and sewed the two squares into one larger one. Backed it with lush woven linen and made a strap from vintage textile. Filled it with spent flower heads, flower petals, and a bundle of medicinal herbs wrapped in woven coth. I made the bag closure from a hand-carved bead (--with the EXACT petal shape motif running along it!) and miniature cloth tassel.

No one was more surprised than me that Urhu would have a medicine bag. And now it will sit next to him outside his tent on the mats while he waits for the troop to arrive seeking his help.


  1. Everything seems to be about transformation in Halfland… The pouch transformes into a medicine back, a pun turns into a fairy creature…

    This is very close to my understanding of what nature is…

    Well done!

  2. thanks grandma!!

    and well said jessica.



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