Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Writing Mouse Sketch

So this is odd, I had 12 different things I could have worked on today and what I did instead was sketch this mouse illustration. And it wasn't even on the list.
It feels like my first illustration for some reason. Maybe because it took me so many hours.

It started when I thought I'd do a quick Google search for a mouse silhouette to use as the basis for a template for the cottage's weather vane. I instantly had several options on my screen as if my magic. (I still can't get over the web's wizardry.) I tweaked the original on the left to use as the shape for an embossed copper vane, printed it out to size, and mocked it up on the (in construction) coppola (second from left).

I could/should have stopped there. But instead I added more character props and made him resemble the micro scale 3D puppet I've had for years; a little heavier, with whiskers, etc. (middle) Then I added texture and shading. I really liked how he looked (second from right) so I went further and added more surface texture and prop details. Ending the day (er night) with his costume kerchief.

Somewhere in the middle, I mocked up a little Halfland stationery with mirror image silhouetted mice and an acorn in the bottom corner. Here it is, in case you'd ever like to send notes from Halfland...


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