Sunday, October 09, 2011

Lace Maker

I felt this spider puppet was a tailor. I knew I wanted the webs in 1/2L to be lace and fancier than our world's webs. I knew I wanted him in the attic space so that the window's twig mullions would cast a full web shape on the light fabric in the moonlight.

But how to show him making the Halfland lace?

It was so fun and easy. Much easier than I thought. I stacked and glued wood blocks to a small base that can be hot-glued down onto the attic floor like an independent set module. Covered the stack with a greatly textured woven fabric from a Mood remnant. First sewed a few corners of a cut up stretchy lace knee-hi down to that fabric to be the lace piece he will be making currently. And then glued down small iron tacks over those pull spots so it looks as though the tacks are holding the threads for him.

I invented micro lace-making spools and other props for him, like the dark wooden bowl of woven lace above, and a few larger lace-making tools to sit along side his set to make him appear even smaller.

When I showed the finished sub-set piece off to Cirelle last week, she was irked because she knows that all spiders we see in a web are female (!) and this fellow is truly a male. But I made her feel better by saying that in 1/2L the male spiders that make the lace are "fabulous" and talented. But then I explained for real that it's just a matter of my needing another male character around Rana as most of the main characters in the series are female. It was too weighted toward that gender for me.

When you make a world you can make up a reality however you like!


  1. Mood!!! I would love to someday geek out at Mood, I can see myself designing puppets around fabrics and textures purchased there. Someday we'll make it out to LA for a visit and you can take me shopping :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the little top hat :)

  3. For shure, Jeffrey! That would be a blast and a half.

    Thanks, Lirael! Every tailor needs a hat!

  4. cool.... I just learned a new spider fact!!

    rock n roll lady.


  5. I know! Right!? I never knew that all spiders in webs were females either. Makes sense though, they put the egg sacks in the web like in the famous story, Charlotte's Web.


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