Friday, May 25, 2012

Golden Sands

For the last sequence in the film, a desert setting will have a feeling of a humble sacred temple.

The bed sheet coated with three layers of real sand has now been hand tinted a vivid orange yellow. The color was at first custom mixed from three yellows and golds by Jacquard's natural fabric dye. But the sand and matte medium coating wasn't able to absorb the color as I'd hoped, so I mixed the color I wanted from Nova Color's insanely wonderful Indian Yellow #106 diluted with water to soak in. I also dunk-dyed huge amounts of paper from the clothing factory in the same dye bath to use as far away distant hill shapes when dry. Mid-range dunes will be simple curves from tinted 1/8" foam shaped with more paper underneath them to shape.

The entire desert will glint with gold particles from leaf and superfine gold dust applied in the sun.

Sculpture on the Serpent puppet continues....


  1. Looks really neat Shelley. The fabric is already looking like sand dunes, and I love the ‘glistening’ gold dust idea.

    You do awesome work.

  2. Thank you, Jeff! I did this a while back, but am trying to catch folks up with the happs.

  3. cool!!....I was always wondering how you were going to do this region of your film...

    nice to see its coming to light.


  4. Thanks, Justin! yeah, I could lay the sand sheet over a portion of the main landscape set too!

  5. Interested to see how it all turns out in the end. Are you using stock footage of deserts and temples mixed in or are you doing absolutely everything from scratch?

    I'm working on a little side project at the moment and keep looking at the stock footage on places like ITN Source, but it's so expensive! Can see why people use models most of the time instead.

  6. i Adam, I just saw this comment, many months after you wrote it.

    Welcome! Everything from scratch is the answer. 1/2L is a "no-budget" project. All hand-made.

    best of luck with yours.


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