Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hey, It's Only a Paper Moon

 The Supermoon shot outside my window tonight, on left, The edge of Halfland's golden disk, in the center, and how it looks when lit in the sky on set, on right.

In honor of tonight's Supermoon, I thought I'd reveal Halfland's moon. It's a simple round metallic cardboard circle that had a failed image transfer of the actual moon face applied. The moon surface didn't transfer, just an irregular dried residue of its underlying paper with original golden shine only slightly visible under the paper.

When this paper disk is attached to the inside sky scrim layer, the one nearest the set, and a light is shone directly at it, the effect is fine by me! It's a good example of something not working as planned, but resulting perhaps better than could have tried to achieve. And another example of why I find moving forward better than going back to correct. "Use the mistakes" is a motto around here.

I can attach the moon in the sky where I'd like it for a shot, hit it with different color pin spots for different feels. The only issue is the because the sky is "raked", slanted quite a bit, the roundness of the moon distorts a bit. I could probably compensate for that in the shape, but that's too hard. I say the moon in Halfland tweaks out.

Next post: I can show how the sky will get it's color for dawns and sunsets....


  1. That looks really great Shelley. I love what you said about using your mistakes and just moving forward, rather than backward. I agree 100% Its taken me a long time to learn that lesson, but it really is where the best stuff is hiding.


  2. Roll ON!! Jeff! Right on. Roll forward like an unstoppable force, friend.

    I have thrown some things out for the project, even after lots of time investment. But the hit rate is *pretty* high this way. We gotta know when to fold 'em, right?

  3. "Use your mistakes" went straight on the wall next to my computer! Wise words indeed that are important to remember!

  4. Hooray! Going forward takes us to new unplanned places, Jessica!

    Gotta make that one of the rules here too! xoxo


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