Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sunrise Sunset

Had the idea to add shifting color to the Halfland sky via additional sheer color scrims made of tulle, fabric netting that is inexpensive and comes in a large selection of colors.

The four colors of raw tulle yardage in sunset/sunrise colors from Mood Fabric LA was stitched onto four vertical monofiliament lines attached to the set ceiling and floor and tied tightly. Constance helped me install the lines several weeks/months back and David started off the hanging of the colors when he was last here with Sherie. I finished the other side of the rainbow (OH!-now there's another idea for this technique! Rainbows!) back stage yesterday (Paul took the picture) and took a few test shots today.

Each color can be intensified by bunching up on its own independent set of lines or spread open like a veil for a soft mist effect. In the center bottom row you see a how the back stage arrangement on the upper right photographs in front of the sky scrim with a sample cloud in place.

The colors can overlap for interesting blending and these positions can be kept in place via a clump of quake putty on each corner bitten by a metal clip to stay up on the lines. It's a little like painting with fabric. It's a poetic feeling.

Colored gel side lighting should add a lot to the effect as well.

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