Friday, October 26, 2012

Halfland Hero: Dick Kaneshiro

True friend, moco master, professional animator, and fellow stop mo head, Dick Kaneshiro
graciously came over several times, from pretty darn far away mind you, and built Halfland's new professional stages! I learned so much working on them with him. Now I know how clamps can make construction so much smoother.
I think Dick should use this shot for cards, so cute.
I NEVER would have known what to build nor how to build it nor been able to build it without Dick's amazing help. Thank you, my Halfland Hero.


  1. So you lifted all your sets or only a few ones?

    From my experience it's great when the ground of a set isn't too low. – One thing I found most annyoing when I shot my film was the back pain that I had in the evenings…

  2. Hi Jessica! Dick built two stages to animate on. You see them pushed together under the main set above. One is 4' x 4', the other is 4' x 2', thus making a 6' x 4' set stage that can move and adjust to what is being animated.

    Plus, we put 5" tall legs on all the set platforms as well so I can get under there for tie downs.

    The sky will be behind and over the stages so that when the bug party or the pond scenes are being shot, the main set will have to come apart and sit on the floor within the same room as there's no way to get the tree out without unscrewing under plaster!

    I bought a task chair on wheels and left off the back when I put it together. This is planned as my animating stool. My legs ache very badly, unbearably, the floor will no longer be an option.

  3. Anonymous10:37 PM

    You're welcome! I'm glad I could help. Thank you for the great meals. :-)


  4. Yeeee Hawwww! You made all the difference, Dick!

    Come again, you've got to see this crazy sky solution I got going over here!

    Come for a home-cooked lunch!

  5. looks great !!



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