Friday, October 26, 2012

Halfland Hero: Win Hampton

Before during and after the hell storm of a move. The set rotates on the stages, Dick built. The rest of the landscape set pieces can be propped up and layered on as needed.
From the sad, Dark Days of the move. Win Hampton, extraordinary craftsman (he's built his own homes in other states) appeared out of nowhere to perfectly dissect and move the set on his own with Noah's help.
Here's Win's secret method of reassembling the tree at the new location; wood blocks and screws. (I'm making a map of these screws with clear tape, like a sewing pattern, made on the tree, so that I know where the buried treasure is should I ever have to disassemble the tree again [cue whimper].)
He helped restart my building mojo and helped with the tough stuff to get me going again.
I will always be grateful to Win. Thank you, Halfland's Hero.

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