Friday, May 03, 2013

Holy Holga!!!

Very happy to report I discovered a possibly batch processable image effect that brings the vintage camera look to my Halfland footage that I thought I never could.

It's a Fake Barrel Distortion and Chromatic Aberration PS action written by Jeremy Birn. I combined it with other actions to vignette the edges a bit in the above test still but feel what Jeremy has created will provide the film with the magical storybook feel I so wanted. Thank you, Jeremy.


  1. Did you try this action on one of your test sequences?

    Especially the center looks quite blurry / distorted to me, and it would be a shame if to many of the delicate details would vanish due to the look.

    But despite my concerns here I love the look! It suits the image well!

    Plus it's really great to see how much progress you make! Hugs!

  2. Wow, things are looking great. Love the camera effect and the clips look awesome. Nice job Shelley!


  3. Thanks, Jeff!

    Thanks, Jessica, you know I really love the analog looking blur and distortion this sort of action will impart, will be trying on a new test over the weekend, trying.

    I worked very hard for minute detail in the pupps, sets and props and then I'm deliberately intending to obliterate them with a cheap plastic camera lens effect!

    Certain key details will be featured with cut-aways in very close macro, but this transformation to something hopefully made more fantastical vs. realistic is what I've been after all along!

  4. OH OH OH!!! This still posted in this post is LOW RES!!!! I forgot to add that!

    The high res actual footage will be much more smooth and detailed. But the still above gives the general thrust of the idea.

  5. That makes sense! Gosh, I 'm sure this will be all astonishing!

  6. Thanks for helpful article!


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