Saturday, May 25, 2013

Puppet Seaming Experiments


I've had some recent troubles with allergic reactions so I wasn't keen on busting out the latex to start skinning the puppets. I had to see if I could go way inert. So I replaced the latex with my trusty Nova Color matte medium in my rice paper maché technique. 

Here, I'm taking the Mermaid Kyra's arms, which are very small, and seeing whether I can seam the two halves together without adding much bulk to the sculpt's shape.

As these are just preliminary experiments, I didn't want to add armatures, opting to add in teflon -wrapped wire and copper foil, aluminum mesh joints instead.


  1. How did it work?

    It looks great (I love the texture!)!

    I suppose you have to cover the seam somehow? Did it work out as you hoped?

  2. It sort of did work, Jess. I'll show the results when done done. THe seam is covered by macheing the excess paper flange (seen above lower right), trimmed a bit, as a continuation of the surface over the seam/join.

    It works but filling the hollow halves with FunTac or glue misshapes the sculpt form a bit requiring build up here and there.

    It's more work than I'd like, but then for me I guess it's better than using toxic materials right now.

    I notice too, on the large face, that the outer paper skin surface, once whetted with paints, sort of softens and dries in a wet paper texture. Not sure I hate that or love it?!

    Camera animation tests will decide.

    whoo hoo.


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