Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kyra in Color


Lovely to see my old friend Kyra after so long. Above, her mask straight out of the mold as well as being painted up to her darkest black skin with tinges of Deep Ultramarine.


  1. Such a beauty! Bu she's huge, isn't she?
    I sometimes forget how large you sets' and puppets' scale is…

  2. Ah! I forgot to mention that I made both scales of this character, large, shown here, and small for the set.

    This large scale puppet, now sadly only her head and tail remain (the torso was stolen), is for the live action beach scene at the start of the film series.

    She'll turn to the camera in close up and exhale, thus beginning our journey to Halfland. (No, Mike, not from her bad breath) it's obly that we follow her after that (now the small puppet) into the surf...

  3. Who stole a puppet's torso?! What the heck? Did they take the mold away?! I hope not… This is ridiculous!

    Thank you for the clarification on the scaling… I look forward to the live action scenes!

  4. yep, it was the mold of the naked Kyra puppet's torso that was stolen a few house moves back in 2001. I was up til 5am packing and we ran out of room for stacking everything in the apartment so I fooolishly left some things in the hallway, just until the movers were to arrive.

    Well, some things didn't make it to the new location. I assumed one of the neighbors saw naked boobs in the mold and thought it cool to take home. Either that or our terrible movers dropped and broke the mold and never cared to mention it.

    Either way, gone. I briefly considered re-making the missing piece but then thought not to and threw the part two, the back, of the torso away.

    I have mixed feelings about that choice. It would be satisfying to complete the large puppet now and to have it to film. But at the same time, I don't want to over-invest in an element that isn't absolutely essential to the story telling, given there's so much else to film right now.

    I suppose I could go back and make a new torso for her after the film is made, just for fun. But who knows what will be most fun by then?!

    So that's what happened. :)

  5. Beautiful rice paper texture, and your trademark rich paint finish!
    So how much body will this big close-up Kyra head need - neck and shoulders? Or enough upper chest to see it rise and fall maybe....
    And when can we see the small scale, full bodied and costumed version?
    A couple of times I sculpted a large head to be used for closeup shots, but found I could get the shots to tell my story without it, so they were never moulded and cast.

  6. Just realised the previous post is showing the paper laying up of the smaller Kyra, just not painted and finished.


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