Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'll Be Sea-ing You!

Yes, I know, it's ridiculous! I am well underway on the construction of the undersea set. I meant to hold off on building this in hopes someone else could take it on as their own project. But, as always happens, whenever I say "I won't work on xyz" The very next thoughts that rush into my mind are in fact, fun, easy methods for how to build that very thing. And then I'm all in and off I go building.

The good news is that there's now a 100% better chance of all you lovelies actually seeing your wonderful fish puppets in the film! 
I sketched the idea with a small paper box, cutting out as much as possible without destroying the integrity of it. Next, wrapped it in plastic sheeting and painted it black, to vignette the edges of the openings, leaving one of the short ends open like a lens to film through.
Lit from above, I walked my hand around inside the sketch and viewed through the opening. Even without any blue tinting, etc. it looked like the idea would work as I wanted. So it was onto the full-sized version....!

Bought 3 large moving boxes for $1.20 each, fitting one inside the other halfway, and using duck tape (it actually was Duck Tape brand of duct tape.) to secure all seams, inside and out. Then I set about cutting it open, extending the side openings out like wings to increase the width of the set.

The far short end will be painted blackest black and have a diffusion in front of it so it will feel like it disappears into far distance. The interior will be carpeted in thin painted foam that had been laminated onto layers of aluminium foil so it is posable. On the right, you see the set all fully sculpted and all corregated edges taped-off with masking tape ready for painting.

Stay tuned... having illegal amounts of fun with this.

Thanks for watching.


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