Friday, June 16, 2006

For Whatever It's Worth

Himself scolded me for not posting here in four days. I told him the "finding the music clip" post was MAJOR(!) but he remained unmoved. Can't get anything past 'em.

No time to fabricate anything or fake some real progress--I thought I'd release a paragraph I wrote this afternoon to imaginary friends (often much more "real" than the ones I can serve tea to, mind you!) I was being outlandish with them and yet there is a truth in it that resolves a question of intent I've been mulling over in my mind.

What is the impetus, motivation, reason for obsessively focusing on Halfland and other creative endeavors? On one level, it's something fun to do (understatement) but I needed to unravel a larger feeling that's been pestering me about it recently. The question is, what fruits do such efforts bear? And then, what would I wish those gains to be? It may seem much for a neophyte, nonprofessional, novice I realize, but it is how I feel about it today nonetheless.

"I want my humble little films to call forth our deepest being in their making and watching. I want them to elevate as an experience. I wish them to carry a sense of truth that registers within the whole being of the viewer that gives rise to a life better lived, a resonance that enkindles joy, peace, enthusiasm, and creativity."

"Where the word of the poet ceases, a great light begins." --George Steiner


  1. (Pinching myself)
    Wha... you mean - I'm not real??!! I'm imaginary????!!!

    Oh please, can't I be a real boy?

  2. Well, listen, for all I know I made you up!!! O:-P

  3. But then, you do realize you're just my figment, right? I dreamed the entire world into being! Muuuuwahaaahaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!!!

  4. Nice work--you dear Nutjob ;-*

  5. Hey, if I'm your figment, you've got a pretty f*@#ked up imagination ;P :D

    Shelley, that image above is gorgeous! I love it! I see it as a huge banner....

  6. Hey, Jeffery, what if we all made EACHOTHER up!?? Woooooo, eh?,eh? XD

    Thank you for the compliment on the poster "sketch". It's a "it'll look LIKE this" deal. The poster you see was laid out by someone else, I stole it wholesale from a movie while trolling along the years, I don't recall which now. I have other reference boards progressing for the "real" Halfland movie poster that also will involve a vertical half image montage that shows a long view and an evocative close up of character, that then also becomes a third symbolic image as a whole when viewed from a distance. Hard to explain verbally? I'll post some "this/not this" references. This was just a fiddled preliminary mood mock up. The actual type, colors, images will be different when my final is done.

  7. Ah! The eternal question I think we all ask ourselves in those quite moments alone...Why am I doing this? Making a stop mo film is hard work, and its easy to lose sight of why you started a project.

    Your reasons Shelley are very valid; you want to move people. I understand that motivation completely.

    You should print out your letter to imaginary friends and paste it on your wall as a constant reminder.

  8. Thank you Phil, if I can't move people, I can, by God, move armature puppets! Ha! ehHmm.

    I'm glad you understand. Is that what it's like for you with Henry and Martha and your other live action films? Things that mean something to you perhaps more personally?

  9. Hey Shells...

    I notice that it's been seven days since you put up this post. Part of the point of this blog was to get the necessary social pressure to help keep you in motion, right?

    How do we give you a kind nudge to do/show some more work?

    What *is* your next step?

  10. You are completely right, Sven. And I want to thank you for the kind nudging. I'll post right now.

  11. Heh... I was coming in here to do a little nudging of my own. Sven beat me to it. And I just posted on my blog mentioning that there hasn't been a glimpse into Halfland for a while, so freely ignore that now. Wouldn't you know, just as I'm writing that, you open another portal into 1/2l (well, more of a peephole in this case). Anyone who needs to see a recent bit of Shelley's work, just check out Darkmatters!


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