Monday, June 12, 2006

UPDATED!!! Rana's Theme

Rana's Theme on Vimeo
This illustration was made to announce that, after a hard slog to locate, the name of my dream music for Halfland was delivered to my inbox today.

This was a big deal as everytime I heard this little piece on the radio under an ad I would swoon from how perfect it would be for Rana's films. After many many months of Googling to find out what it was I finally located the ad agency's name on Friday and found that they had an "oddball question" service and boy, do I qualify on that front! So, bing bada bam, this morning the oddball query dude delivered the goods bless'em. I've registered with the production music service in question and will have to see how much licensing this gem is going to set me back.

UPDATE: I'm getting a bit more educated. I learned that .ram files are not on my hardrive but rather just text that leads back to the site that has the file on its server, like a bread crumb trail in the woods, aww. So no dice putting it here, Blogger won't infringe, or into QTPro, iMovie, etc. I spent hours searching for and installing freeware Mac ripping/converting software that promised to magically turn all files into any format one might wish, ultimately finding that the .ram format conversion is only currently available for Windows bla bla. But I did confirm that the licensed files available from the music service will be usable .wav, MP3 ,etc. formats and higher quality sounding as well. So that's good, as I wouldn't have used it in the film unauthorized regardless. Here's hoping it'll come in affordably or you guys'll have to break out your musical instruments and

FURTHER UPDATE: The fine boyz over at Rogue Amoeba and Audio Hijack ( came through on a Max Audio converter forum query and gave me an answer on how I could copy one format to another that would be usable. And Voila! VICTORY!!! Mwahahahaaaaaa-a.

Tee hee.


  1. very cinematic music, I like it.
    It seems like that should not be too pricey since it is an animation short - hope it works out.

    I think music more than anything will help you get your animation going. Having a tempo to animate to should really bring it together.

  2. Ooo, thanks Mark, I sure hope your right! I am such a geek I put the QT version of the illustration full screen on a loop and then played the audio clip with it. I was thrilled to see a little more of Halfland coming to life!!! Cheers to you and your works!

  3. So I'm standing at the stove, cooking up some last minute late-night meatballs (bad, bad, bad....but sooooooo good) and I'm bouncing and humming a tune, and at first I can't place it....and then it hits me.....That's Rana's theme!!

    So I think you're onto something here :)

  4. That's amazing, Jeffery!! Thanks for telling me that! Wow! And if you and GretSven don't stop it with the fabu food descriptions, I'll, I'll... Gotta go raid the fridge!

  5. Yep, the music definitely brings it to life. Think I'll fry up some generic mac and cheese. ; )

  6. Anonymous8:39 AM

    "I think music more than anything will help you get your animation going. Having a tempo to animate to should really bring it together."

    Man, I just keep chewing on this idea in my head. I think you're right Mark. ...Now, every time I start fantasizing stopmo sequences, I'm hearing the piano gallumpfing (or torrenting) along -- setting the mood.

    I think that's going to be a *very* useful entry point for me. Thanks!


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