Thursday, June 29, 2006


Took a lightweight shaped sheet of Styrofoam, hot-glued it in as the meat in a cardstock sammich, wrapped it in hardware cloth, stapled and shaped it as tightly as possible, buttered it with ready mixed patching compound.

Today is an example of how this project blog is effective. I've got crazy Fraulein of das Haus business going on these days and would not have made time to make progress on the next steps if it weren't for the marvelous pressure of knowing YOU are out there waiting. I can't let you down--not letting me--not let me down. See? Beautiful!

Slapdashed together, believing that Doing is more important than Doing Right, right now. I'm letting the first coat of compound dry on the test wall panel (it took the whole quart) and will see how it sets up tomorrow. It'll need at least one more coat to cover the wire and look like plaster. I'm sure there are many ways to create these walls and the cottage, why I chose this way I've no idea. But moving forward is the name of this game.

A Note for the Ladies: I couldn't find my big bulky leather work gloves to protect my hands from nasty nicks from the wire edges. So I grabbed my winter gloves which worked like a charm. Being smaller, they were far easier to articulate. It was the most comforatble wire grabbing I've done yet. I'll be keeping my eyes open for these kinds of gloves at thrift shops in future.


  1. Go Shelley! Lookin' good of course. I tried something similar with plaster and ended up with a big wet warped wall, but then I didn't make a big wall sammwich like you. Cool!

  2. What is hardware cloth?

  3. Thanks Jeffery! I didn't even think of the sog factor. Maybe because I used a ready mixed flexible compound it had less water? or maybe the water's in there rotting the cardstock as I type?!

    Hi Sven! (definition from
    Hardware Cloth; Plain weave square mesh cloth of relatively light wire galvanized after weaving (usually between 2 to 8 openings per lineal inch).

    Shelley say: It's like a fine-mesh square-holed chicken wire.

  4. Ah, I see. Thank you!


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