Sunday, June 25, 2006

This/Not This: The Cottage

By popular request? These are but a few photos off the Halfland reference panels for the exterior of Rana's cottage.

There are dozens more, but I thought I'd offer a taste of what I'm going for in terms of level of detail/refinement, concepts, and style. My apologies to the extraordinary artists who created these marvelous works for not conscientiously listing their names however, I have been grabbing these images from every source imaginable; books, greeting cards, web-spotting, camera phone drive-bys, etc. and keeping a good record of the detail of attribution is something I decided to let slide years ago. But I do very much appreciate the visuals help in realizing what I see in my minds eye.

I call these reference sheets, "This/Not This" because I can point to aspects of each and tell people that, "Halfland's world will look like this, in this way, but not in this way." Example: "The cottage will have this kind of stone chimney but the wooden siding will be color-washed plaster instead, like you see in the toy shop window image instead." That sort of thing.

Unexpectedly out all day today, so wall progress tomorrow, in small, tiny, miniscule, little, pieces.

Good night!


  1. GREAT pics, thanks for the post. Of course I love the woodsy porch shots...

  2. Great reference images Shelley.

    Your house set is already made,



    It is beyond vision--

    It is materialized.

    Now just coax it into the physical world.

  3. Thanks Jeffery! Yeah, I can see the bait shop in that photo!

    Wow, Mark, Thank you for the poetic image. "Here Cottage... C'mon..."

  4. Ok, it looks like Rana's cottage isn't going to be all that similar to the one I envision for my witch film. For a while there I thought we shared almost exactly the same vision.

    I love the pics... what really comea across in all of them, but especially in the one with the flowy roof, is the blending of nature with architecture. The roof follows the contours of the hilly ground beautifully. It gives the sense of inside/outside being blurred, which is a great thing.

  5. Woooooo, wow, Mike, can you imagine how weird it would have been if we were looking at the same thing!!? Sooooo Griffin and Sabine!! Ha!

    Thank you for your always thoughtful observations, I was thinking about the inside/outside balance myself, it'll be super fun to see how it comes out! That house you mention is a bit of a landmark here in Los Angeles. It's currently sitting in a residential neighborhood in Beverly Hills EMPTY!!! People always come by it to take photos, as I did (all I had was a cell phone cam the day I stopped to shoot it.) I just came across a little back story on it in a L.A. history book (yes, there is--a little!) Apparently, that house was built as a magical storybook movie set in the 20's and used to stand on a no-longer existing movie company's lot. Someone moved it to it's current spot rather than see it razed. Plus, crowds kept parading by it. I forget the names involved--but there.

    So, what *DOES* your cottage look like?

  6. Mine is actually built into the root system of a gigantic tree... the roots function as support beams, with rock walls in between them. All very flowy and organic.

  7. Sounds great. Have you ever seen things like---this?....

  8. WHOA! I wanna grow my own treehouse! living in the Shire...I cannot wait to own land......

  9. Whoah! That is inSANE!!!

    Makes me want to go out and start bending trees. Nah, on second thought, I'll just fab em like I want em.

  10. Hey, ran across this today, thought I'd share:

    Tree House

  11. Ooooo, that's good!! Thank you for sending this! It's going on the ref board and will influence things greatly. Thank you again!


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