Sunday, March 25, 2007

Babes in Halfland

These are about my most favorite Halfland shots to date. A special child, lost in the spell of playing in my little world.

Today my good friend, Shari, came over with her kids for one of our much beloved art day excursions to my shop. Last year, we spent the day needle-felting wool roving and learning about hand-felted fiber art. Today's plan was larger in scope and a lot more ambitious. In one day, could I get these two bright kids, ages nine and five, to have a soup-to-nuts taste of making their own stop motion animation?

Somehow the answer to that was YES!

Thea's Animation on Vimeo

Jack's Animation on Vimeo

Be sure to check out the photo set of the day with all the details here.
We all had an absolute blast of a day, learned new things, ate a great lunch (thanks Shari!), and enjoyed being together.


  1. Hah! Shelley when I first saw the pic I thought working on Halfland had made you grow younger! It's your inner child playing in Halfland! That or those emolients are really workin'!

  2. How did you make that jar that is shown in the Pic?

  3. oooo, sounds fun!

  4. Awesome pics!! kids are awesome!!


  5. Shel, what sweet pictures.
    And I'm so happy you liked the Shredded Chicken I sent you :)

  6. Thanks everyone! It was a great day! Whew!

    Ben, that jug was one of two that I found in a decoration supply store a few years ago. They were plain little terra cotta miniatures that people can use to decorate, I dunno, garden themed table centerpieces I guess. Because they were the RIGHT SCALE (there's that tip again) for Halfland, what I did was paint them to match Rana's other kitchen ceramics and fashioned a wire and cork stopper top for them that works just like real water jugs would.

  7. looks like complete and total fun!

  8. Thanks Shel!

    How come you got rid of the halfland badge, Can I still get one?

  9. It was, Markie Mark! When are you and Angela coming over to make one? Hmm?

    Sure, Ben. I spruced up the blog yesterday, converted to the new Google/Blogger template, in order to add some new features, like the "Today's Cool Find" This is where I can put things I come across that I think are interesting but may not always fit within the Halfland project journal.

    So, the badge art got lost in the conversion, and SINCE ANOTHER BUTTON WILL BE COMING OUT SOON!!! I thought I'd wait and launch it again in May (including Jeffery's cool video of his puppet Nola getting hers from the mailbox! Love that!)

    And yes, you can indeed get one of the new ones. The previous button with Bosq on it is all gone. Each button is a limited edition, once gone that's it. So, if you want to be sent the new button when it comes out be sure to email me your snail mail address privately (it will only be used for this purpose and never given to anyone else) and I'll be sure to send you one!

    That goes for every reader here! Be sure to send your (will be strictly kept private) address so I know how many buttons to have made.

  10. I just sent you it!

    Does this add me to the Christmas Card List?, Please?

  11. Got it, Mr. Benjamin, you bet you're on the card list too!

  12. Anonymous4:26 PM

    These are wonderful and truly enchanting! I love that they each feel so different yet, have so much personality and style!!! Great job Teach!!!


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