Monday, March 05, 2007

Shaun the Sheep is back

One of six new Aardman Shaun clips. These clips look like the great ol' hand-crafted charm of the stellar Aardman gang is back!

I grabbed all the screenshots I could of the beautiful Aardman backgrounds behind the characters in these six clips. They are precisely what pastoral hills and skyscapes I aspire to create to surround Halfland's cottage. These will be my template to follow, although halfland will be slightly more rough hewn overall, less rounded and smooth. But with the same countryside beauty I hope.

UPDATE!: Reader Ben gave us a great link to a BBC slideshow about the new Shaun series that included this spectacular shot of a large set. I may have to enclose my entire set in a silk bubble to get the overhead sky at least where the shots require looking up. Thank you, Ben!


  1. My good friend has a fan site here:

    That clip of Shaun is so funny! and yes the backgrounds are brilliant, we have so much to learn.

    Go here for a lil treat to feast your eyes on !!!

  2. those guys are sooooo good!

    man...we got a long way to go.


  3. Wowie, Ben! My hero! Thank you so much for that BBC photo story link! The shot of the set was so helpful! I'll add it to this post as an update.

    I dunno, Justin, your film's looking pretty slick too.

  4. Awww, Thanks Shelley. Did you know on the shaun the sheep website you can get a fan badge. LOL

  5. PS, Hey Shelley if you want to know how to make your very own Aardman Sheep say so and i'll root around for the instructions!


  6. Aww, thanks to you for that great photo link, Ben,

    I'm not a crazed Aardman "fan" fan per se. I am impressed with the beautiful dimensional sets their team creates and the hand-crafted feel of the animation, especially the original three W&G shorts.

    Thank you for the sheep info offer, I bet we have the same Aardman sheep tut, from (Pgs. 94 & 95) of Creating 3-D Animation by Peter Lord & Brian Sibley, right?

  7. Thanks a ton Herself!

    Yours aint to shabby either.

    I really have high hopes for my project.....its just overwhelming sometimes.

    I really want a certain level of quality on so many parts of the film.....those guys really make it happen.


  8. Yeh, It is the Sheep tut from the Cracking Animation Book I was talking about!

  9. if you go to you can find loads of instructions and free templates to make your own Shaun the Sheep from a pompom and an old sock, Aarman anins are superb and my kids are always wanting to make stuff from the Wallace and Gromit films.


  10. Thanks for the tip off, Chris.


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