Thursday, March 08, 2007

More Animation Tests Coming

I got the wonderful framegrabber, Framethief, software that enables a digital camera to capture still images for stop motion animation, to work again yesterday. I was so elated I made this shorty clip:
Happy on Vimeo

I played with unregulated pans, pulled arty focus, and went it without tiedowns. Don't worry though, I wasn't trying to make anything good with this, just messing around in happiness at my renewed abilty to grab frames with Strider's trusty cam o'joy. One great thing, I ditched my tripod and fastened a metal "L" bracket to my peg board base and securely clipped the webcam to it. Much more compact, more stable, and no more legs in the way to bump into.

Next up: an iron mask reads a little poem to you and a mermaid's shimmering tail is spotted at the bottom of the sea (as minuscule mini clips). The idea is to make little sketches with the equipment I have here on hand. In this way, I'll be able to get a better feel for working with various types of puppets and a bit of my first familiarity with character movement.


  1. Hey cool! I just spotted life in Halfland!

  2. Hi Mikee! When are you going to show us or tell us about what you've been a working on?! Oh boy! All that hammering must have made something real good!

  3. Oh man... yeah, Mykee been a busy boy lately, but mostly some pretty dull stuff! A good deal of spring cleaning.... including some good progress on the basement that I need to get finished before I can build my animtion table, and spring cleaning on my site as well. Updated some pages (a lot of research means one tiny little change on one page of the site!)- fixed all the broken links I'm aware of, deleted some now-defunct websites (including unfortunately the incredible Svankmajer site that was a vast wonderland unto itself... now apparently gone forever!)

    The big roject i was talking about a while back was basically this.... i burned some CDs from iTunes and made myself some covers for them. A lot of fun, a lot of work (some covers are actual album covers where all i did was create the back side, the song listings, and some I completely created myself, though generally using artwork found online). Unfortunately the CDs don['t play in my player! So I bought a different brand, a kind that's always worked before, tested one, and it worked, so I burned them all, only to find out they don't work, and now neither does the one that tested ok! Oh, I was pissed! A lot of CDs and a lot of time down the drain! But I did learn a few cool Photoshop things and ended up with some nice empty CD cases! I think I need to get a newer CD player... this one is old and probably doesn't support CD-Rs.

    Oh, also read a few really good books including the Grendel one I emailed about, and been involved in apretty intense discussion about it on the message board with my old buddy Thomas and Nick and a few others.

    Sorry, did I go a bit off topic? ;)

  4. Hey Your ANIMATING!!!!!!!


    I was just talking to shel today ...about finding a moment we wernt completely she could get her hands on a puppet.

    I look forward to posting her first animation with the information you gave me.

    keep em comin!


  5. Not at all, Mykee Mikes, That's exactly what I was wondering about. See, I told you Spring was in the air! Everyone's cleaning up.

    That's great about the Photoshopping work. I still feel awe over what PS can do, all these years later. I still learn super new techniques all the time too. And it is such a powerful and deep program that there is probably that much more again that I'll never know is possible with it.

    re: Grendel, it does bring up interesting perspectives on life doesn't it.

    Animation table, eh?! Go Mike!

    HI Justin, that'll be so cool when Shel gets her delicate mitts on a pupp!


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