Thursday, March 15, 2007

Textures and Character Palettes

I have collected nearly everything to dress and finish Halfland's four main characters.

Each of the main characters in Halfland have their own color palette. Kyra, the black mermaid, symbolizing beauty, has delicate sea foam greens and pale translucent aquas with castaway-ragged lavender fabric for her colors. She shimmers with opalescent scales. Rana, goat woman weaver and her cottage interior are kept in a narrow color story of wine, maroon, ocher, and tan. The feeling will hopefully be overwhelmingly earthy, cozy, and warm. Tarn, the wounded crow woman, symbolizes fear and sadness, she is darkly black with ornately ornamented sheer black veiling and deep woven blues, wearing her beak mask. Yanu, moth man hunter, represents joy and laughter, his colors are pale tone upon tone, all light leathers and flaxen wool, with just a shock of goldenrod. He even leaves a trace of moon-colored powder if he's touched, as a moth would. He is, especially in this first Halfland film, only seen in the periphery, like a figment of the imagination.

And more:

A.) This lovely snake lady helps me see how my serpent musician might blend, except Urhu has just one human shoulder and arm. B.) Google "Paper Cinema" and you get more fun movie machines to make like this! C.) The cottage roof will be somewhere betwix these two solutions, she said. D.) I realize that on the low end of the cottage, where the roof line is closest to the ground, I will add sod to the roof in that area, like this Tibetan rock house shows. E.) Rana's sleigh bed in the alcove will have this cozy feel to it, but with loads of soft cattail down blankets and catterpillows. F.) Mmmm, really a perfect forest for the landscape around Rana's cottage. I also want rolling pastoral hills though so the set might have to look like this in one direction and more open space when looking to the other.

Lots of good things happened in Halfland today. More reporting tomorrow.

Art is Life Quote:
"There's nothing more exhausting than doing nothing." --Anon


  1. Those Palette Colours are lovely shelley, When do you plan to start on making thease Pups?


  2. Well... I'd like to do everything right NOW, like a creature with eight arms. But as it is:

    After the cottage and tree and landscape are built a bit further, I'll move onto the puppets.

    Kyra's sculpture already been made into a mold as is ready to be cast.

    Rana has been sculpted and is ready to be molded.

    Tarn is being sculpted.

    Yanu hasn't been started yet.

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Shelley, you are really rockin'!! I love your character color themes and the new improved Bosq (howzabout a tiny test clip of the ears?)...I'm suddenly wondering, is there any significance to the names of the 4 main characters? They all sound sort of similar, like a chant when you say them all together :) Keeraranah Tarunyanu....

  4. Thanks, Jeffery, LOL Kyrarana Tarnyanu! That does sound like something! Maybe it is! I have no clue. The names are all nonsense to me. I just for some reason wanted all the main names to adhere to being only four letters.

    It's also the sound of the words, Tarn starts with the word "tar" and that gave me the feeling of the dark, thick, gloopy blackness of a pot of sticky tar, which unconsciously gave me the right black crow/depth of sadness symbol. Something dark one can't easily get out of.

    The other names don't seem to have such a direct symbol that I know of.

    Oh, Bosq, also four letters, stands for "proboscis" (pronounced pro-bosq-kiss) which means... nose!. This cat character has a human nose because he snores. This is a natural for any cat caregiver such as yourself to understand sa cats often sleep so much (looks over and Jeremiah sloughed out next to me). It's a joke to myself.

  5. Well now, it seems that Halfland is near Bali?

    Where Yanu can take you fishing?

    in a small mountain lake?


    Oh, yes, thanks J, I just finished further cool fixes to Bosq and plan to make a demo of the ears next up!

  6. I didnt know you had those characters sculpted and molded.

    thats some major work.

    the colors are very nice...natures best!


  7. Thank you, Justin. I've been working on this project a loooong while. But sometimes these things just take time.

  8. Dress for sucess , dressed for beauty...dress to be and live this dream come true; I admire the process of your work.


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