Friday, May 25, 2007

"Alice thought this a very curious thing."

(Updated a little)

Couch time this month had me making up a few coffee filter paper miniature roses and painting them up today. Reader Ben asked to also see the twig trellis.

I hauled out all the Teacup Roses prop material today and found a beautiful twig trellis, tiny natural vines, and many beautiful fabric and paper flowers in the bag. I think I'll go with my own handmade paper roses in the end because they fool the eye a little better somehow and do a heartskip thing that the little silk roses don't.

After they are dry, I'll make their calyx, stem, and leaves, and get ready to install them on onto the cottage set landscape and window boxes. I may have to cast or sculpt some additional porcelain cups and saucers to add into the bush, perhaps with tiny matching roses painted on the sides.

Added above is the trellis with the newest roses stuck ontop of fake silk leaves just to see how the scale worked. I think this batch was a little on the large side but they may have little cups and saucers put in their middles so it might work out. The finished rose bush element will have hand-placed twig vines and wrapped wire stems--no plastic!-- and lots of paper rose leaves.

Thanks for asking, Ben!


  1. Do we get to see the miniature twig trellis Shel?

  2. Asked--AND ANSWERED! You bet, Ben!

  3. Ace, I'm going to make a bush from Ready Made Wooden Flowers that normaly cost £3 per go but I got the leftovers from someone else for free!


  4. Leftovers--It's what's for dinner! Way to go, Ben.

  5. lookin great shelley.

    I really like the way the color wicks to the edges of the paper, or did you just paint it that way?

    Very nice effect and makes for quite realistic flowers.

    The whole thing looks quite convincing to my eye.


  6. Gosh, Mark, somehow this comment of yours didn'
    t come to me email. I'm going to have to check each day for your things by eye.

    Thank you for the compliment. The darker color on the edges is painted on that way. Easy tho b/c the entire petal is wet. Wick wick.


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