Saturday, May 05, 2007

Can a Still Life Move?

I couldn't stop myself from making another detail texture sketch of the Pink Snail....

And then I had to see it move a little, in the rain, with a rocking lantern light fall, and slower body movement.

I made a lot of frame by frame animations of about 12 frames by hand in Photoshop, most of which I didn't end up using. I handmade the slight pan in another Photoshop file to sort of indicate slow forward clomping.

I was completely engrossed trying to figure this out with the tools I have and learned a lot about animation as a result. The chief thing being, that I truly will have the necessary patience required when it's time to animate Halfland. In the meantime, this sort of technique for creating sketch animatics is very helpful to the process.

Halfland Pink Snail Animatic


  1. Adorable, Love the Swinging Lantern, Youre Imagination is so wild yet Creative!


  2. Thanks, Ben! I like to think of myself as Wildly Creative! hee.

  3. Go here:

    Its a music vid Cosgrove Hall did!

  4. Fantastic stop motion clip, Ben! There's so much great physical animation made in the UK! This piece reminded my of the old Rankin Bass Holiday specials on TV, only for AA members!

  5. hey shelly,

    i like how you played with the lighting, especially how the light casts on the door when the lantern moves. cool rain sounds too, makes me want to climb right in and cozy up! --shel

  6. Looking great, Shelley. I love the feel of the whole thing, the lantern and the color palette especially. I can't wait to see it in full-on animation mode!

    Looking forward to getting my new pin :D

  7. Hey Herself!

    Awesome snail House!!

    Hey, Howd you do that rain effect....I wana do stuff like that too!

    {patience required} .....Stop motion almost requires osessive Compulsive Disorder...Ha!!!

    very cool!


  8. Right on, Guys! Thanks for all the encouraging comments.

    Shel-- Your reaction is EXACTLY the response I am going for with Halfland!!! YAYA!!! There should be several moments, most of it actually, where the viewer would just want to curl up warm and cozy in this world. yay. Thank you!

    Thanks, Jeffery--I can't wait to see it for reals either! w00t.

    Hi Justin! This was just a low tech pre-viz s'periment so I used canned rain visual and sound effects right in a Mac's free editing program called, iMovie.

    It's in a way "basic" and non-professional but it is in another way a bit of a miracle to have these powerful animation learning tools right here.

    Ten years ago even this would have been out of reach for someone like myself.

  9. The soft light as evening falls, and the swinging of the lamp tell us their is a breeze. Might I suggest using a blow dryer so that the foliage on the bottom moves slight when the lantern moves?

  10. Oh hi, Corey, You are right, the grass in front SHOULD move, of course!

    This wasn't real stop motion, it was a 2D illustration that I animated on the computer that I didn't want to labor too much over.

    I felt if I did spend more time on it than I did (!) I'd NEVER get to make real progress on the film. It's finding a balance between what will suffice for a certain purpose, like this animatic, and getting lost in side trips instead of taking enough physical action.

    Thanks so much for coming by!

  11. nimbleknot1:46 PM

    OMG! That is the cutest snail cottage ever! I am fascinated with miniature animation.

  12. How lovely to have you visit here, Jennifer! Your felt works are a marvel of pure joy.

    Thanks for saying you like the snail's house on her back. I hope you got to peek in on the inside of it by clicking this link about it's making from the post just below!

    Take care!


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