Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Artist Alert: Forest Rogers

Update 10 years later:: Mike just pointed out that Forest Rogers is, in fact, a male. My apologies for my use of the opposite pronouns below. And further heartfelt accolades to Mr. Rogers.

Um, yeah. So I was bloggy linking today... and discovered a new genius artist. No. Really. look:
Her work is more beautiful than beautiful, which to me equals a genius talent. Her name is Forest Rogers and from what I can tell, among other types of works, she sculpts the most exquisite miniature mythical creatures I've seen. There's a transcendent quality in her art, that surpasses the merely human experience for me.

And what's more, she has generously shared one of her methods of making perfect delicate better-than-life-like wings for her beings that sincerely dropped my jaw to the ground.

People, will you please look at these luscious wings!?

Now I know exactly how to make Yanu's wings! And the Queen Bees' and the Handicapped Butterflies!

And then look at the wonderful hip fin she's added to one of her water faerie/mermaids?! And also note the sensational way she's found to cover nude breasts?! I'll be doing and underwater version of this on my Kyra.

I am so thankful to her for these sublime inspirations for the project. These are the kinds of details that make all the difference in making a vision real.

Please visit Forest Rogers for more of her art, tutorials, and tips at her blog.


  1. Yay, You found how to make Wings!

    High Five Shelsey
    in an imaginary way!

    I'll have to try that, Almost all characters in my film are Humans with Wings eccept for a Tortoise, Hare and Stately Frog!

  2. beautiful, shelley!

  3. AWESOME stuff!!

    thanks for the link.


  4. High five back, Ben! w00t! Cool to have a puzzle resolved!

    It is beautiful, isn't it, Gretchin and Justin?!

  5. Wow...great find! Thanks for sharing!

  6. so inspiring shelley! thanks.

  7. hey shelley, just a thought.....do you these beautiful wings will be strong enought to put up with animating frame after frame? i'm wondering if some kind of sheer cloth wouldn't be better to use for animation than archival tissue paper...what exactly is archival tissue paper anyway? doesn't sound very bend and stretchable ...?...shel

  8. Thanks, Erica! It IS a "you" post!

    Thanks, Shel, Good point of course, good thinking. I haven't done it yet, but how I read her instructions were that you lay tissue paper (she uses acid-free "archival" so it won't ever degrade because her sculptures are meant to be bought and enjoyed as art for many many years) down with wire in the vein patterns, and then paint on polymer clay!!!!

    I'm planning to try one with liquid super sculpey and one with a thin layer of rolled out clay to see which it more durable.

    However! I WAS going to make Yanu's wings out of paper and glass paint, so this will be much more stop-motion-able with it being rigid baked clay and attached with multi-strand, integral wing wire into the puppet.


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