Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Notes, Actual Notes!

A.) Illio by English lass,Louise, of Art and Ghosts, shown here because I'm digging the clouds being on the lower half of the sky. I think it's a new 1/2 Land must. A new fantastic touch.

B.) This little chair was made toot suite from backyard twigs by craft artist, Jennifer Stanfield, giving me courage to make Rana's chairs to scale myself because the ones I have bought are just slightly off scale.

C.) Another image from of pets frolicking on tree in their owner's yard, a tree that is exactly my target surface for Halfland's Listening Tree, including the hollow of the ear.

D.) This window shows the feeling for walls and indoor lighting I'll be modelling for Rana's cottage.

E.) This interior shows the beams in the ceiling, wooden floor and plank furnishings that convey the Halfland cottage ideal. I'll be adding rich fabrics and cluttered detail in addition.

F.) This crop of a Richard Kirk drawing is marvelous in its mood and the careful rendering inspiring. THE BIG NEWS!!: I found this and many other fantastical works from what was eerie to happen across online, my personal creative tribe! Terri Windling's Endicott Studio, A group, that concerns itself with the creation and support of mythic art! Their blog features arts inspired by myth, folklore, and fairytales. So, if you're in this tribe too, go there and revel in finding your people at long last too!


  1. cool stuff!

    reference and essence !


  2. "Reference and Essence"


    That's it exactly, Justin! That's what I'll call these type of 1/2L. notes from now on!

    You and Shel come out with these insightful remarks regularly!

  3. Lovin the Window, Looks like something Corey would Post and I had the exact same idea with the Chair when I saw it on Nimblenot Blog!

    Although I doubt that Twig chairs would Suit my Film, I was thinking Air Drying clay over a Dolls House Miniature to create an ornate Chair!

  4. Hi ya Ben! I see we travel in the same wonderful circles! I love the idea of adding ary dry clay, like perhaps Paper Clay, on top of an existing item. I am so stealing that!


    No only Kidding use that idea if its helpful, I want a chair like from this drawing from Blood tea and Red String along with a Pine Table full of Food (Hopefully, touch wood)

  6. Yes, I think that's her best illustration. That kind of chair would look great built with Paper Clay.

  7. man, shelley, what a cool sites those are--expesially the fairytale/fantasy one--wow!! i have this fantasy that i would sit and peruse your "favorites" lists (and your cupboards and your work tables and your sets and your brain)....except that i imagine it would take a life time and i don't have one to spare right now! --shel

  8. Aww, thanks Shel! Welp, we'll have to explore each other's brain one visit at a time! My inspiration collage wall is worth a look I think. Right, Sven? I dig it.

  9. Since my hands are not artistic ones i appreciate the places you take us too, the ideas you share, I like walking alongside you and viewing the world from your hands of creation.

  10. Thank you, Corey. I'm sincerely touched at how poetically you describe things. I remind you it was your snail photograph that inspired me.


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