Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Break In

Mr. Thumbson busted into the Maus House Stalaag 13 style. He tunneled in! A benefit of building a set out of cardboard and newspaper balls under papier mache is that I can cut into it from underneath. I gutted the underside like a pinata in order to arrange a strand of miniature lights inside. These are a bit faint, nice for lantern glow but I may need a bit stronger light to show up on camera.

Today I finished the wooden door, don't laugh but the key hole works and the knob turns. The Maus has a good stack of fire wood sheltered from the weather. The corbels were finished and installed. I started to build the base for the balcony and attached (with great difficulty) the storm shutters. I need them to open and close but there's no way to drill into the stones where the hinges need to attach. Right now it on with glued fabric that I plan to cover with another square of copper. I pickled the exterior with special white stain because it was bothering me that a lot of the detail was blending into the tree too much. Might knock the white down a bit more with ink.


  1. That is hilarious! I couldn't help laughing when you wrote that the keyhole and door handle actually work! Sorry, I just couldn't stop myself... I'm glad I wasn't drinking tea! ;o)

    It is really plain to see this is going to be a special film.

  2. My Heart skipped a Beat, Wow. You are so amazing Shelley!

    I am going to give up after seeing that!

    Wow again, Congrats Shel

  3. Thanks, Paul! It wasn't something I intended. I just drilled through the keyhole to the otherside of the wood and it worked (at least I didn't make tiny tumblers!) and the knob turns only because I used flexible glue to adhere it! hee.

    Now, Mr. Ben listen, when Miss Hila makes her tiny doors, her little keyholes probably actually DO have microscopic tumblers inside so when the itty bitty keys go in they lock up the door for real! LOL! I've seen a close up shot of her door latches/plates/knobs have you?

    Anyway, the point is --thank you-- for being my supporter and fan. Having you cheer me on is such a help! And I have to look at Hila and others work and know mine will not ever be as precise or clever. Baah, that's life all over. Relativity.

    I love making these things, it's so much fun I would do it no matter what, I have been, actually, all my life. Make yours! I'll cheer you on too!

  4. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Gosh that looks awesome. I'm not laughing at that door. I think it looks pretty groovy. And the lights are neat too. I guess you're a child of the 80s with that reference to Hogan's Heros :)

  5. Hi Felicia! Welcome! Are you the same orange loving person I've seen here before? or it it a orange color loving world!? I love orange and October too. I'm so excited for the holidays this year.

    Your felt sweater cats are adorable! I've promised two cat toys filled with my homegrown organic nip, so now I know what I'll make 'em like! Thanks!

    I'm technically a child of the 70's (blechk, pfft) but I Hoganed those Heros like a person half my age! I never dug the show but I watched it because it was on in reruns. And up until 3 years ago, if something was on tv I watched it.

    I used to think I was the only person who wasted time with 3 am infomercials until it got out that everyone was doing it too!

    Ah... that Ron Popiel's a genius. Set it... well, you know.

  6. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Shelley your set looks FANTASTIC! I LOVE the working door lock and key hole. IT only serves to add that much more realism to your wonderful world/creation.

    Long Live Halfland!! Huzzah!!


  7. Aww, thank Chris! How's CJ doing? Any puppet action over there at your place?

  8. Wow Shel... Look at that pretty little house - Just PERFECT!!! all the tiny details are so wonderful - You did an amazing Job!
    And I'm sorry to disappoint you... but just like your gorgeous tiny door - my doors only have a turnable knob and a keyhole that if you really want you can stick a matching Key into :)
    I do think you need a peeping hole in your door :D

  9. Aww, thanks, Hila! Your doors are incredible at any size, Hills. I keep a close up on one (from Cluttered) that is so gorgeous in every scroll work detail on the lock plate that at human size it would be a treasure, nevermind that it is the size of a tooth! I really don't know how you are able to make the things you do!

    Look upon her work and WEEP people:

    I can't put a peep hole in the door because Halfland takes place 100's of years before they were invented (or needed)!

  10. Now Weep... this link should show her door--WILL YOU LOOK AT THE CATCH ON THE EDGE!? MY GOD!

  11. Anonymous1:28 AM

    oh o oh oooo oh soooooo cute! It is a good thing I am not there otherwis I wold knock on your door everyday!!

  12. Hi Corey, I wish you could knock on my door everyday, whether that was in France or Halfland!

    I forgot to say that your photography of kids is simply superb!

  13. Dearest S! Your attention to detail is SUPREME!!! Working keyhole and door knob? I expected nothing less! Now this is a house I could call home! DELIGHTFUL!

  14. Hi Ulla! Thank you so much for the kind words of support! Coming from you this is high praise indeed.


  15. Excellent!


  16. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Your work is lovely!
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    Tell your friends! Talk it up! XPT 2008!!!

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  17. How exciting, Michael. I'd heard of the ACPA from Atlanta animator/friend, Grant Goans.

    But this experimental program sounds especially interesting. I'll have a look at the site(s) and definitely talk it up.


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