Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Making Christmas

I tease you with an indecipherable close up of the 2007 makings.

Yep, it's that time of year here in the Halfland Werk-Shoppe. The official 2007 Handmade Holiday card production is underway. (Reader/friend Ben reminded me I'd forgotten to add this note to my project list.) It turned out that I spent practically the entire day just ordering the supplies for this year's creation! Right now I'm sketching step-by-step plans for how what I ordered will be used to make what I hope will be a delightful addition to all of your homes and hearts.

If you'd like to be included on our card list, you as a reader/friend of Halfland are invited to drop me an email at nobledesign[at]sbcglobal[dot]net with the word "card" in the title and an address to send it to and I'll make sure a card gets made just for you.

(Last year's card slideshow.)


  1. Last year's card looks amazing! What a truly cool thing to do!

  2. i haven't even been able to think far enough to halloween, nevermind christmas! you are trully well-prepared, shelley. looking forward to seeing your next creation!

  3. Oh, the suspense! Is that water in there? Too pretty.

  4. heh heh...

    Ubbie: You revved me up with your :D

    Paul (vortex42): Thanks for checking last year's out. You know that ranks you for getting one this year!

    gl: I wouldn't call me well-prepared, it' sjust tat you know how long it takes to do things--AND I DON'T! So I figure if I start making 'em around Halloween then there's some kind of chance in hell I'll finish by Christmas LOL.

    Rose Red: tee hee, well spotted, you do see water in the tease photo but there won't be any in the finished card. (I'm rocking the edge of card making reality as it is, I didn't want to add spillage to the mix.)

  5. AArggh, My Post deleted itself AGAIN!


    have you put it to select only oosts from america?

  6. No sir, Ben, No National boundries here in Halfland! I don't even have any moderation on this blog, it's so open.

    I can't imagine what's happening with the comments from you, and perhaps others too. Hopefully it will all sort itself out soon.

    If your writing to say you want the card this year--dah, of course you're already on the list! (Matter of fact everyone who got one last year will get this one too.)


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