Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Halloweeeeeennnnn!

Boo, Peeps! This is an actual photo of my current actual studio mascot Spider hungrily about to feed on one of his actual fly victims on Halloweeeeennnn! (nothing in this photo has been staged.)

I'm about to head to the couch for my annual geek fest extravaganza of a screening of Nightmare Before Christmas (yay) and some high quality chocolate (yay)

I put up the tracing paper ghosts around the house the other day and for the first time Paul really liked 'em. Normally he rolls his eyes at my holiday decorations and humors me but this year the wrinkled sheer ghosties flying around the living room were particularly spooktacular.

Enjoy your night, tomorrow is chomping at the bit for an FULL DAY Halfland frenzy! Mmmmmwaaahhaaaaaaaa-a.



  1. Yikes! I'm not a spider-person!

    Thank goodness... If I was I'd have eight legs! Boom-Boom...

    Er... I'll get my coat!

  2. Love the tracing paper ghosts!

  3. They ARE scary in a primitive reaction way aren't they, Rich!?

    If you haven't worn your coat in a while... you might want to shake out the sleeves, you know, to make sure no spiders have been using it as a nest!!!!!!!!! Bwahahahahaaa. (It's the next day, and I'm still being spooky!)

    Thanks Mark! They're easy to cut from a big roll then you can just stuff em all in a lunch sack for off season storage (hence the wrinkles.)

  4. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Oh, Wonderful Shelley, My decorating looks lik something off the back of a 1907 Van but still I love it, Took em down today because I moved dome of them to our entrance hall for the trick o treaters!, by the way we always watch NBC on Christmas eve, We diddn't watch a movie this year and Halloween just seemed to slip away!, Awwww

    And yes, I always look at blogs archives, if they are good blogs though!

    -Witchy Smiles, Ben

  5. That's one of the surest signs it's Halloween time.... the spiders move into the house for the fall. Did you know (little factoid I heard somewhere) supposedly you're never more than two feet from a spider all through your life?

  6. I could have lived WITHOUT that little tidbit of knowledge!!!


  7. Hi Benny.

    Hey Mike, I heard that spiders float down from outer space! No joke! Science Fiction AND Horror! That's two genres in one critter!

    Paul (42), heh heh! Sorry, man. I have to live with it, now you do! Don't worry though, only very few spiders have powerful enough fangs to break through your skin and then hardly any have powerful enough venom to kill you or cause your flesh to be eaten away. And they have anti-venom developed for most of them... heee heee. (this is FUN!)


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