Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Railing in the Night

I'm challenged by creating the little balcony railing and wrought iron pot holders for the Maus Haus chalet. I've made a few attempts, one failure shown on left. I'm currently making an even smaller design, on right, that will be finished to a rusted iron black.I've built dams for concrete to perma fix two roof beams on Rana's cottage. A few weeks ago, I tried to cement them in position but found/learned that even anchor cement doesn't stick at all. Good for pouring into the ground to secure posts, but has no ability to stick one thing to another. Who knew.

Featured Cool Find
Fantastic writer/artist/blogger, Alicia Paulson mentioned a book series by Jill Barklem called Brambly Hedge (teaser clips downloadable there) which I'd never heard of before. Turns out to have been made into a truly inspirational stop motion animation series by some of the best people. They took Jill's charming English countryside characters and created three-D puppets and set them in pop-up illustration-like backgrounds.
Project Pedigree: HIT Entertainment, a company that develops animated film versions of established children's classics approached the book series' publisher, HarperCollins. They hired the highly successful animation production company, Cosgrove Hall Films. They in turn hired Bridget Appleby, for its production design and artistic direction, the models and props were made by the great Mackinnon & Saunders.

Tomorrow's Plan: I'm going into the The Time Frogs setting tomorrow. Starting to construct his sunny stream side lair out of cardboard and masking tape.


  1. Brambly Hedge is my Second favorite animation Ever!!!!!

    If you get a chance Winters Episode is the best, The Mice make a Palace in the Snow with Ice everywhere, so lovely!

    I found the Vids in a Charity Shop near me and couldent Resist!

  2. Lucky Ducky! What's your favorite animation then, Blood Tea Red String?

    Before yesterday, I'd never heard of the Brambly books or the animations! Eeeks!

  3. Probobly, Then My Neighbour Totora, A Japanese Anime that touches my Heart Strings because it is so sweet, Have you seen it?

  4. Ah yes, I too love Totoro. My favorite aspect of that movie was the off the charts way the skies/landscapes were rendered. I literally felt the magic of the seasons as they were shown--better than if I were really there. Somehow they were so lovingly drawn and animated I experienced the subtle divine beauty of nature. That'a pretty amazing for something on film to capture.

    I liked the catbus too. And Totoro's patience.


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