Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kyra: Half and Half Makes Her Whole?

Somehow, blending the two images of Kyra together makes a much better sketch of her?! Huh? It's almost like I can draw!


  1. Anonymous5:16 AM

    She is so lovely! Both Kyras are wonderfully dramatic. Seeing this composite makes me feel like I somehow know her better. She feels real.

    ps. I have the Echo & the Bunnymen song Clay stuck in my head now...
    Am I the half of half-and-half / Or am I the half that's whole ... ?

  2. m)_ Hey there, how is everything? Wow, I love the gift image you have showing different scales...

    m_) guess what, I updated my site a bit more, no not the blog yet...that will take a while. Well, just updating you. Now all my pictures are visibles in slideshows, no more crazy mouse scrolling down.

    Hope everything is okay with you.
    Keep up with everything.


  3. No way, Peggy! You're kidding, there a song with those words?! Wild!

    Thank you so much for feeling she's more real now. I feel that way too. Plus! I'm going to remember this accidental technique I found of blending the sketches to make a better-than-I-can-draw sketch! yay!

    Hey Dan, cool beans on your site improving, rock on. But seeing Kyra's scales comes later ---ra ra rugh

  4. She has an ethereal quality! Lovely.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  5. I like blue shading on her lips and eyes. Beautiful!

  6. Thank you, Jody! I love your tag "mini leaps and bounds"

    Thanks Yaz, I like it too. BUT I see I'm going to have to make sure she looks alive! Blue lips on humans are not good!

  7. She looks very much alive! More of a photograph than a drawing - beautiful.

  8. Thank you so much, Emmy! That's a big compliment.

  9. Her hair reminds me of little bees... I think shes wonderful! I adore your original clay-sculpt by the way, very moody and etherial...

  10. Hi Ulla! BEES! YES! Perhaps a few might nestle in her hair along with the shells. Nice idea! Thanks! Love to you...


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